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Editorial Posts

post image for Squaring Stripe’s Valuation

Squaring Stripe’s Valuation

Editor’s Morning Note: This morning, we are taking a quick look at a pair of public-private analogs to help us understand the current state of unicorn liquidity. Stripe, a payment… Read Full Article

post image for Better Know An IPO: Optiv

Better Know An IPO: Optiv

Editor’s Morning Note: It’s Monday. Let’s tease apart Optiv’s public offering. After Mattermark all but closed the books on IPOs this year, Optiv filed, making for a more interesting closing quarter.… Read Full Article

post image for Fintech In Trump’s America

Fintech In Trump’s America

tl;dr: Financial technology (fintech) startups have enjoyed a good run recently, but may face stiff competition from big banks if Trump repeals Obama-era financial regulation. While half of American voters… Read Full Article

post image for We’re Back!

We’re Back!

Editor’s Morning Note: After a week in which nothing happened whatsoever, your loyal dork parade is back at work. Hello friends. Back on the fourth, I told you that I was… Read Full Article

post image for We’re Off Next Week

We’re Off Next Week

Editor’s Morning Note: Editorial is off next week! Squad goals. I’m on vacation next week, so our regular editorial work is on break. Sadly, we’ll miss the end of earnings… Read Full Article

post image for Is Flat The New Up?

Is Flat The New Up?

tl;dr: Yes, valuations are down. And yes, down rounds are up. But it’s the startups hunting for a Series C that you should really feel sorry for. Despite record highs in… Read Full Article

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