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We’re Off Next Week

Editor’s Morning Note: Editorial is off next week!


Squad goals.

I’m on vacation next week, so our regular editorial work is on break.

Sadly, we’ll miss the end of earnings season, but there’s another one just around the corner, so don’t fret.

However, before I leave you to go nap under an avocado tree, here are some things I’d like you to keep an eye on:1

  • Do new cryptocurrencies have any impact on global bitcoin volume or price?
  • Does the tail-end of earnings lead to more “missed Q4 guidance” reports and declines in value for both public unicorns and titans?
  • Which companies shut their doors?
  • What is the failure acquire of the week?
  • How man times does @ow manage to go viral with a witty tweet?
  • How many cultural references does @EdZitron make that you can’t place?
  • Does @jason_rowley still have surprisingly few Twitter followers?
  • The election.

That’s it! Thanks. See you all in a week!

  1. Not some sort of analogy. That’s where I’ll be. Don’t call. I’m asleep.

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