The Mattermark API

Our API provides deep data on millions of companies. In just minutes you can integrate Mattermark with your products, systems, and business processes.

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Dive Deeper

The data you need to make smart decisions. Easily find the fastest growing private companies. Query our database for signals of company growth. Know who to work with.

Meet Your Future Customers

100% visibility. Call our companies endpoint for lists of startups from our database. In seconds, you’ll see every company in your target market. Answer your most pressing business questions...

  • Is this company worth my time?
  • Can this company become a market leader?
  • What characteristics do all my customers share?
  • How big is this industry?

Track Investors

The investors endpoint offers access to our entire dataset of investor data. Use it to answer questions about investment trends and let Mattermark take care of grabbing the data.

  • What is the average Growth Score of Andreessen Horowitz companies?
  • What are the most recent Angel deals done in New York City?
  • How many Venture Capitalists in Chicago do more than 5 deals a year?

See Where The Money Is Going

Query our funding events endpoint. Retrieve a list of funding events from our database. Answer all of your industry-level funding questions with the Mattermark API:

  • How much funding has the Drone Industry receive? What about Bitcoin? How about the Internet of Things?
  • How many startups Series A raised rounds in 2013? How does that compare to 2015?
  • Which city saw the greatest quarterly growth in funding?

Know The Ecosystem

Use our search and advanced queries endpoints to return fast results for companies and investors from our database:

  • What have Instacart and Postmates looked like since launch day from a growth, web traffic, and social media perspective?
  • Which company has grown its headcount faster over the past 6 months: Lyft or Uber?
  • What is the average Growth Score of Andreessen Horowitz’s Cloud Computing companies?

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Automate Your Prospecting
Create your own models and scoring algorithms. Filter out unqualified companies. Spend time with the right people. We collect all the data, you make smart decisions.


Get The Data Right Where You Need It
Sync companies and investors with your CRM. Easily combine data from the Mattermark API with your proprietary data to know everything you need.