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post image for What’s Dropbox Worth?

What’s Dropbox Worth?

Editor’s Morning Note: A new report discloses a Dropbox revenue figure. What does that mean for the company’s valuation? A wealthy human. And my friend wearing purple shoes. 2017 is expected… Read Full Article

post image for 2016: A Look Back

2016: A Look Back

Editor’s Morning Note: What the hell did we do this year? Some stuff! This is the final post from the Editorial team at Mattermark this year. And since the world… Read Full Article

post image for Why Revenue Quality Matters

Why Revenue Quality Matters

Editor’s Morning Note: Strap on your nerd pants. We’re running low on money gifs, people. The other week, Samuel Gil, a partner at JME Ventures, wrote a piece entitled “Meaningful VC Exits,”… Read Full Article

post image for Tracking HelloFresh’s Growth

Tracking HelloFresh’s Growth

Editor’s Morning Note: HelloFresh raised €85 million more. Let’s take a look at its financial performance. Are carrots a carb? According to reports in both Tech.eu and VentureBeat, HelloFresh has raised… Read Full Article

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All Eyes On Fed

Editor’s Morning Note: Oh ****, Fed hikes are about to happen. “Great companies can always raise.” “I’ve not changed my investment thesis.” “Things aren’t that bad.” “Buy the dip.” Happy… Read Full Article

post image for Jet Startups Keep Raising Money

Jet Startups Keep Raising Money

Editor’s Midday Note: Can you really make private jet travel affordable? Quick hit today from a glorious Fall-ish day in San Francisco. We’re talking about flying. TechCrunch has an interesting… Read Full Article

post image for Screenshots From A Slowdown

Screenshots From A Slowdown

Editor’s Morning Note: We’re a month late, but hey, this is still something you should know about. Nasty Gal filed for bankruptcy this November. The popular ecommerce brand that once… Read Full Article

post image for Sans Spotify, Who Can Afford SoundCloud?

Sans Spotify, Who Can Afford SoundCloud?

Editor’s Morning Note: What is SoundCloud worth? Let’s examine. This morning, TechCunrch’s Ingrid Lunden Jon Russell extinguished any budding romance between Spotify and SoundCloud, saying that the former company has “given up… Read Full Article

post image for Apple’s Watch, Counting Down

Apple’s Watch, Counting Down

Editor’s Morning Note: Apple’s watch is a cool product, but it seems increasingly evident that it isn’t going to ignite Apple’s top line. There appears to be no shortage of white… Read Full Article

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