Mattermark Daily – Thursday, October 23rd

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From the Investors

Tom Tunguz of Redpoint Ventures explores Zendesk pricing and the Veblen goods supply and demand curve in “The Obscure Economic Idea behind SaaS Pricing Challenges


Will Porteous of RRE Ventures believes ‘great entrepreneurs create the (market) conditions in which their vision can become reality’ in “The Markets You Can’t See

Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures sparks a lengthy discussion over Twitter’s new Digits product in “The Second Coming of Sign In With Twitter

Boris Wertz of Version One Ventures says their $35 million fund will sharpen focus on ‘startups creating things that don’t exist’ in “Announcing Version One Fund II

Mike Jung of Founders Circle Capital reveals his new fund to ‘keep companies private longer’ in “Welcome to Our Kitchen Table

Semil Shah of Haystack Fund recommends three posts for founders to better understand how much to raise in “Early-Stage Math and Upstream Expectations

Jason Lemkin of Storm Ventures states his thoughts on product demo sales vs. self-service adoption in “Turns Out, 85% of the World Likes ‘Contact Me’. Even Though You Don’t

From the Operators

The First Round Review shares advice from Carly Guthrie, a fifteen year HR professional, on building an employee retention culture in “This is Why People Leave Your Company

David Mandell of PivotDesk details the story and reasons why he fired his co-founder in “The Most Difficult Decision I’ve Made as PivotDesk CEO

Paul Adams of Intercom provides his analysis on how and why ‘cards’ and ‘systems’ are the future of content on devices in “The End of Apps as We Know Them

Mischa Chellam of Tradecraft outlines specific tactics for talent to land a job in “Three Steps to Acing a Job Interview

Best of the Press

Josh Constine of TechCrunch interviews Josh Miller of Facebook who expands on why he focused on Web 1.0 concepts in “Q&A With Facebook’s Josh Miller On Why His Rooms App Isn’t Anonymous, It’s The Early Web Reborn

Lizette Chapman of Wall Street Journal reports that Ello is a Benefit Corp and ‘hopes to hire as few people as possible’ in “Ello Raises $5.5 M for Social Network, Promises No Ads or Selling User Data

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Mattermark Daily – Wednesday, October 22nd

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Best of the Press

Ian Rose of BBC News details a project by Bloomberg Beta and Mattermark to predict future founders in “Over 40? Data Says You Could Be the Perfect Entrepreneur

Mat Honan of Wired describes Twitter’s announcement of Fabric as Twitter ‘becoming a mobile services company’ in “Twitter’s Audacious Plan to Infiltrate All Your Apps

Dieter Bohn of The Verge says Google’s new Inbox app is ‘Gmail, mediated by a Google Now assistant’ in “Inbox is a Total Reinvention of Email From Google

From the Investors

Marc Andreessen of Andreessen Horowitz, Ron Conway of SV Angel and Parker Conrad of Zenefits discuss startup fundraising tactics and stories with Q&A from Stanford University students in “Lecture 9: How to Raise Money” (video)

Tomasz Tunguz of Redpoint Ventures shares his notes from a recent talk by Bill Macaitis, former CMO of ZenDesk, in “The 9 Marketing Disciplines of Great SaaS Companies

David Skok of Matrix Partners compares SaaS operational costs, gross margins, churn rates and more metrics in “2014 Pacific Crest SaaS Survey – Part 2

Bing Gordon of Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers believes Magic Leap can be ‘the ultimate stage in the evolution of computing’ in “Why We Invested in Magic Leap

Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures supports Google acquiring Firebase to scale their team and product in “Firebase

Reshma Sohoni of Seedcamp lists Mattermark as one of eight services she uses often in “Reshma’s Favorite Sites

From the Operators

Taro Fukuyama of AnyPerk tells the story of his team sleeping in a car, struggling to raise funding and pivoting while in Y Combinator in “We Just Thought, ‘This is How You Start A Company in America

Bhavin Parikh of Magoosh and Aaron Schwartz of Modify Watches turn the tables on investors in “6 Questions Entrepreneurs Should Ask During an Investor Meeting

Rajen Sanghvi of ShopLocket highlights his key takeaways from Lecture 9 of Y Combinator’s Startup Class in “17 Quotes from Marc Andreessen & Ron Conway on How To Raise Money

Dan Martell of reflects on a question he was asked when raising his Seed round in “Long Term Greedy vs. Short Term Greedy

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Mattermark Daily – Tuesday, October 21st

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Best of the Press

Kevin Roose of New York Magazine covers Marc Andreessen of Andreessen Horowitz’s perspective on optimism, robots and diversity in “Marc Andreessen In Conversation

Christopher Mims of the Wall Street Journal addresses government spending on R&D and innovation in “Humanity’s Last Great Hope: Venture Capitalists

David Rotman of MIT Technology Review evaluates technology’s impact on economic opportunities for ‘the rich and everyone else’ in “Technology and Inequality

From the Investors

Bryan Johnson of OS Fund and Braintree announces his $100 million OS Fund to invest in ‘quantum leap discoveries’ in “Rewrite the OS, Change the World

Andy Rachleff of Wealthfront and Benchmark Capital shares his thoughts on what makes a company the ‘Gorilla’ of their market in “When It Comes to Market Leadership, Be the Gorilla

Albert Wenger of Union Square Ventures cites four products where ‘the value of the service increases for all customers as the business grows’ in “Network Effects for SaaS Businesses

Angel Investor Gary Vaynerchuk urges people to, ‘Put that content out!’ in “To Share of Not to Share? That is the Question

Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures reflects on how he stays grounded and the value of arguing in “Getting Feedback and Listening To It

From the Operators

Neil Thanedar of Labdoor responds to Mattermark CEO Danielle Morrill’s B2B customer acquisition strategy with his vison for Mattermark’s future in ‘Is Mattermark the next LinkedIn?

Jason Cohen of WP Engine says to ‘shut up and get going’ and just ‘make a strong decision’ in “Stubborn Visionaries & Pigheaded Fools

Mikael Cho of Crew highlights his team’s side projects that generate 40% of their revenue in “How Side Projects Saved Our Startup

Ben Ronning of Tradecraft outlines four key aspects of design he learned in becoming a UX designer in “Ready. Fire. Aim

Paul O’Donnell of Matheson questions the future of Google being defensible and sutainable in “The Death of Google