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Resource Constraints, omg Zork!, Golden Era Of Startups?, and more – Mattermark Daily

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From the Operators

Juan Philippe, intern at Instrumental and Duke University student, gives an overview of how he shipped a product during his engineering internship in “Intern-al Affairs: Developing Instrumental Reports Beta

Ron Pragides of AppDirect reminds founders that hiring a CFO usually signals an inflection point in a company’s history, and cites numerous examples of startups hiring their first CFOs to help you decide “When to Hire a CFO

Nick Franklin of ChartMogul looks at pros and cons of salaries, talent, immigration, fundraising, lifestyle, travel, operations, and more, explaining what it’s like “Starting a SaaS in Berlin – 3 years in

From the Investors

Fred Wilson counters the argument that Resource Constraints make it difficult to succeed as a startup, saying that great operators are never limited by a lack of funding or engineers.

Justin Gage of Cornerstone Venture Partners says that even though capital is available and incubators are everywhere, there really aren’t as many startups as you’d think in “Do We Really Live In A Golden Era Of Startups?

Brian Laung Aoaeh of KEC Ventures is starting a meetup for Supply Chain enthusiasts in NYC

Down Memory Lane

Remember Zork? Elizabeth Woyke talked to the four creators (Tim Anderson, Marc Blank, Bruce Daniels, and Dave Lebling) about how the game came to be, and has an amazing set of photos of some of the original materials.

Our CTO Kevin says:

“It’s like the beginning of people’s imagination with computer games, which is awesome.”

Legendary founder Garrett Camp of Expa (and co-founder of Uber & Stumbleupon) shares the original Uber pitch deck from 2008, which, if you haven’t seen it, demonstrates incredible foresight into a market and is a great example of how effective it is to be direct and to the point.


Karolis at Zeus reached out to let us know they’re hiring!

What they do: Tech-enabled property manager renting furnished homes and apartments across SF city and South Bay

Hiring for: Senior Software Engineer (Full stack)

In their own words: We’re a small group of 14. We’re scrappy, fun and friendly. We love real estate and invest all our energy in creating unique homes and delightful tenant experiences.

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