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Model Market Fit Analysis, Customer Acquisition Addiction, and More – Raise The Bar

How to Refine Your Prospect List Using ‘Best of’ Rankings

The Fortune 500, The Global 2000, The Most Innovative Companies. These are just a few of the lists that publications and established organizations publish to rank companies. The rankings are based on everything from business performance to company culture to diversity. While being ranked on one of these lists is a huge testament to the employee and leadership team’s hard work, it’s also a good way for sales teams to narrow down their prospect list. If your prospect lists have hundreds of companies, consider looking at notable ranking lists to narrow your focus.


Always Be Closing Sales

Hila Segal of Clari confirms that sales managers simply aren’t getting the visibility they need to identify risk and spend too much time chasing reps getting a handle on what’s actually going to close, in ““Dammit Jim, I’m a Sales Manager, Not a Mind Reader”

Richard Harris of Sales Hacker equates sales to cookbooks and finds salespeople are going to need the flexibility to experiment with different spices and flavors, in “It’s Not A Sales Playbook, It’s A Cookbook


Expand Your Marketing Funnel

Patrick Campbell of Price Intelligently proves how addicted we are to acquisition before demonstrating why this is an enormous problem for your bottom line, in “How To Break Your Customer Acquisition Addiction (and Why You Should)

Janet Choi of Customer.io breaks down top-performing SaaS retention emails at CloudApp, AdRoll, and CoSchedule, in “Customer Retention


Grow Up and To The Right

Brian Balfour of Reforge examines ‘Model Market Fit’, the concept that your market (and # of customers within your market) influence your model, in “The Model Market Fit Threshold & What it Means for Your Growth Strategy

Max Andersson of King Kong reviews how HelloFresh is doing in the Australian market, in “A Rare Peek Inside HelloFresh’s $880 Million Growth Strategy [Case Study]


How To Make Your Data Work For You

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