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Redefining ‘Designer’, Process vs Product, Diversity in Tech, and more – Mattermark Daily

From the Operators

Ben Hernández of Dialexa argues that the next generation of designers will have to be anthropologists; multi-faceted across three core disciplines in “It’s About More than Pixels: Redefining ‘Designer’

Michael Sacca of Dribbble and Mike Belsito of Product Collective are joined by Everette Taylor of Skurt, Arlan Hamilton of Backstage Capital, Cristina Cordova of Stripe, and others to discuss “Diversity in Tech” [podcast]

Jeff Morris Jr. of Tinder argues that the process is irrelevant when it comes to building great products in The Process vs. The Product

From the Investors

Paul Arnold of Switch analyzed his historical investment patterns over time and found that a flexible investing schedule can help you find the best opportunities in “Knowing When to Bet – It Ain’t When You Think

Harry O’Sullivan & Paul Bianco of ffVC provide “A Data-Driven Approach to Investing in Salespeople“, with two in-depth examples and a worksheet that can help you determine when to invest in salespeople.


Michael FitzGerald of Submittable wrote in to tell us about why you should work with him as VP of Sales or as a Front-end Developer.

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