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How Workflow Integration Can Help You Work Smarter and Faster

If you’ve ever tried the Mattermark web application, you’ve seen the high-quality nature and breadth of data for over 4 million companies. This data becomes even more powerful when it talks to data in your other tools, which is why we’ve created integrations for your already established workflow.

Curious how to solve some of the most common workflow issues? Here are a few ways our integrations can be your saving grace.  

Problem: I can’t prioritize my leads in Salesforce because they lack complete information

You have plenty of leads in Salesforce and are ready to conduct outreach, but your leads are not enriched with the latest information. Something’s missing — revenue range, location, or industry for example. These pieces of information are crucial to prioritizing the leads most likely to be ready to close a deal. But, you are already crunched for time and don’t have the extra few hours to research each company individually. How do you accomplish data enrichment and still make fruitful sales calls?

Solution: Sync Mattermark data into Salesforce AppExchange

With our Salesforce AppExchange integration, over 85 data fields are all available from right inside your Salesforce account. Our Salesforce app will enrich your current, past and future leads and opportunities. Your Salesforce administrator can customize the data fields that appear, as well as create triggers based on those data fields to automate enrichment process and prioritization. Learn more about our features here.  

Problem: I’m the data guru and need flexibility to customize algorithms

You’re the data wizard at your company and spend most of the day hanging out in spreadsheets and equations. You need data that can be searched for, organized based your requirements, and then exported or synced to your chosen spreadsheet software. Without this, you’re unable to access data and customize algorithms.  

Solution: Export Mattermark’s web app data to Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel

Our web app will get you started with search, filtering and data customization. With our exporting and spreadsheet add ons for Google Sheets and Excel, you can formulate the data into your own calculations and forecasting models. With data from 4.1 million companies at your fingertips, you have the flexibility to organize and customize data.


Problem: I want to create custom lists and add companies to watch as I find them

When you research companies, you spend hours typing manual searches into Google and even more time on outreach that is often not personalized or relevant to the prospect. This results in unanswered emails, poor qualification and not as meaningful connections as possible.

Solution: Install the Mattermark Google Chrome Extension

Whether you’re searching the internet or responding to emails in your Gmail account, our Chrome extension gives you the power to qualify prospects at a glance and get a better understanding of your contact’s company and business needs. You can even send personalized emails to prospects and existing customers using the data that Mattermark adds to Gmail.

mattermark chrome

When data talks to each other, sales and marketing teams can work more fluidly and productively. With workflow integrations, data is where you need it, when you need it to help you prospect smarter and reach out to customers when it matters most.

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