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Sales Ops vs Marketing Ops vs Business Ops, Inside Patreon’s Growth, and More – Raise The Bar

4 Tips To Make Your Sales Enablement Strategy More Effective

Ultimately, sales enablement is about efficiency and effectiveness. According to research from Highspot, 80 percent of businesses with a sales team of more than 10 people already engage in some sales enablement techniques. While that’s a good start, without creating a comprehensive strategy, they may not get the most out of it.

With that in mind, Monika Götzmann of Miller Heiman Group gives four ways to promote successful sales enablement in your organization.


Always Be Closing Sales

Joe Chernov of InsightSquared breaks down a largely under-reported phenomenon, the rise in and fragmentation of operations roles, in “Sales Ops vs Marketing Ops vs Business Ops

Don Otvos of SalesLoft leans on his experience running sales at Yammer, App Annie, and DataHug to convey how to enable your team with great data and a repeatable sales process, in “Sales Operations


Expand Your Marketing Funnel

Amrita Chandra of CrowdRiff details some examples of companies who are thinking outside the marketing department and connecting the threads of product, HR, finance, etc, in “When Marketing Lives Outside the Marketing Department

Jessica Poteet of Tradecraft digs into why companies that build participation avenues early will see organic growth through customers’ excitement and intimacy with products, in “The Next Evolution of Marketing Mix: Growing our Company in the Me Generation


Grow Up and To The Right

Ben Oliveri of Codementor examines how Brandon Foo of Polymail grew his product to over 25,000 active users with continuous Customer Development, in “Ongoing Iteration — MVP All the Way

Tal Raviv of Patreon answers audience questions about what he’s learned from running growth at Patreon, in “GrowthHackers AMA with Tal Raviv, Growth & Platform at Patreon


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