Mattermark Daily – Wednesday, August 26th, 2015

From the Investors

Sam Altman of Y Combinator reveals valuation and funding statistics from YC’s portfolio of ~940 startups in “YC Stats

Maxwell Wessels of Sapphire Ventures tests three market trends to explain why rising private market valuations might be justified in “Two Lies and a Truth About the ‘Bubble’

Rob Go of NextView Ventures educates angel investors on developing an investment strategy, how to source deals, being selective, and adding value in “Angel Bootcamp, The Blog Post: A Primer on Angel Investing

Josh Felser of Freestyle Capital declares Seed stage boards as ‘way overrated’ and details common Seed board myths in “The Bored Room

Ben Einstein of Bolt illustrates the difficulty of making money in the early days of a hardware business in “Will Your Hardware Startup Make Money?

Angel Investor Tim Ferriss and Naval Ravikant of AngelList discuss startup and investing insights, while opening up about unique ways of living, life-changing books, and developing good habits through trial and error in “The Person I Call Most for Startup Advice” (podcast)

Alex Niehenke of Scale Venture Partners believes a down round can occur to any startup and says, ‘a mindful founder can minimize the risk’ in “How Great Entrepreneurs Avoid A Down Round

From the Operators

Eoghan McCabe of Intercom announces a new round of funding to fuel Intercom’s mission to make internet business personal in “Intercom Raises a $35M Series C

Eric Bieller of Speak publishes the tell-all story behind his team’s recent pivot in “How Losing a Co-Founder and Most of Our Team Saved Our Company

Henry Ward of eShares highlights the problem with companies attempting to ‘mine’ secondary markets, the lack of regulation for private stock exchanges, and more in “Part 1 – The Fallacy of Secondary Markets

Felecia Hatcher of Feverish Gourmet Pop points out four downsides she’s experienced when managing investor relationships in “4 Things I Didn’t Know About Investors Before I Took Their Money

Maria Mera of Omniata explains how to identify important application events to track and visualizes a sample game’s core event loop in “Event Design for Successful Metrics – Part 1

Patrick Woods of Archer Malmo expands on the ‘Foundation, Generation, Evaluation, and Valuation’ phases of choosing a startup name in “A Field Guide to Naming Your Startup

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Mattermark Daily – Tuesday, August 25th, 2015

From the Investors

Mark Suster of Upfront Ventures adds on to yesterday’s post that discusses how the crash will impact late-stage venture markets, with a note of caution for founders and investors in “The Morning After

Adam Marcus of OpenView Venture Partners advises founders to forget billion-dollar valuations and to focus on hardcore business metrics instead in “Why Billion-Dollar Valuations Don’t Matter

Nick Chirls of Notation Capital explores why valuations matter to VCs and the impact of VC portfolio construction on startups in “On Negotiating Valuations…

Jo Tango of Kepha Partners encourages founders to take a break after a startup failure, in order to mourn, relax, and recharge in “Your Start-Up Failed? Go Ahead and Have Fun

Mahesh Vellanki of Redpoint Ventures breaks down the emerging eSports category in response to increasing interest from the venture community in “The Emerging Sector Everyone is Talking About… And Doesn’t Understand

Harry Stebbings of The Twenty Minute VC and Brad Feld of Foundry Group discuss Brad’s move from entrepreneurship to VC, his thoughts on startup failure, investment themes, and more in “Foundry Group Week 1: Brad Feld” (podcast)

Jonathon Triest and Brett deMarrais of Ludlow Ventures talk to Ryan Hoover about the Product Hunt voting system, dream hires, and expanding beyond the tech community in “S1 E5 – Ryan Hoover, Product Hunt“ (video)

From the Operators

Caroline Fairchild of LinkedIn asks multiple VCs to share their opinions on how recent stock market troubles may hurt private investors and entrepreneurs in “When the Stock Market Falls, What do Venture Capitalists Hear?

Daniel Tawfik of Vonjour sheds light on the downsides of the tunnel vision focus founders experience after starting a new venture in “The Tunnel Vision Fallacy

Vedant Suri of EquityZen provides an update on the ‘tech animal kingdom’ and how the changing landscape of venture capital affects startup employees in “Unicorns, Dinosaurs & the Elephant in the Room

Peter Kazanjy of TalentBin explains some mindset changes to help transition from founder or domain expert to a ‘formidable sales professional’ in “10 Ways You Need to Change How You Think and Talk to Succeed at Sales

Beth Dean of Facebook believes design for the web is still in its adolescence and shares ways design can grow up in “Emotional Intelligence in Design

Startup Lawyer Jose Ancer guides you around authentic referrals made on merit vs. one made because of quid-pro-quo business motives in “Navigating Referrals in a Connected Startup Ecosystem

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Mattermark Daily – Monday, August 24th, 2015

From the Investors

Jeff Jordan, Anu Hariharan, Frank Chen, and Preethi Kasireddy of Andreessen Horowitz outline the most common (and often most confusing) startup metrics and terms to help founders prepare for pitch meetings in “16 Startup Metrics

Madding King III of Camp One Ventures demystifies seven components of understanding convertible debt, which he says, ‘can be a double-edged sword’ in “Convertible Debt Explained in Entrepreneur English

Mark Suster of Upfront Ventures notes that overfunding too early and ‘just after you hit your stride’ is bad, but overfunding after you find product/market fit is critical to competing and winning in “What I’ve Learned About Venture Funding

Paul Willard of Subtraction Capital reveals why the practice of doing less is better for a startup in “Subtraction = Growth

Semil Shah of Haystack Fund offers his thoughts to AngelList Syndicate followers and to founders offered terms where being Syndicated is a condition of investment in “Seed Founders, Beware the Syndicate Shenanigans

Ciaran O’Leary of EarlyBird VC reminds VCs that the privilege of investing other people’s money (pensioners, life insurance funds, etc) is not a game in “The Responsibility of Venture Capital

MergeLane, the business accelerator for startups with at least one female in leadership, is hosting a short online webinar series to share insights from startup mentors, angel investors, VCs and business leaders, calledOnRamp Live. (Tuesday, August 25th) More details in this blog post.

From the Operators

Danielle Morrill of Mattermark releases a category 5 tweetstorm with advice for founders about what to keep in mind when fundraising in Silicon Valley in “Here’s How to Get the Most Out of Your Fundraising Visit to Silicon Valley” (Source: Business Insider)

Nikos Moraitakis of Workable shares a robust post that dives into the terms and process of building a financial plan in “Financial Planning for SaaS Startups” (19 min read)

Aly Saxe of Iris PR Software highlights her qualms with the term ‘mompreneur’, related content, and concludes the label ‘entrepreneur’ should be the default in “Don’t Call Me a ‘Mompreneur’

Ben Tossell of Product Hunt reflects on his involvement with Maker Hunt and the global Product Hunt community and how that led him to becomeProduct Hunt’s Community Manager in “How I Landed a Job at Product Hunt – #BlameEricWillis

Aron Susman of TheSquareFoot lists advice he’s picked up along the way in building his startup he believes founders should keep in mind in “8 Growth Lessons for First-Time  Founders

Serial Entrepreneur Steve Blank publishes a 131 page deck with everything he’s learned from helping corporations and government agencies adopt Lean Methodologies in “Innovation @ 50x in Companies and Government Agencies

From Mattermark

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© Mattermark 2015. Sources: Mattermark Research, Crunchbase, AngelList.

Mattermark Daily – Thursday, August 20th, 2015

From the Investors

Sam Altman of Y Combinator encourages founders to not get caught up in ‘fake work’ and to pursue a YC level of intensity to achieve their growth milestones in “The Post-YC Slump

Tomasz Tunguz of Redpoint Ventures categorizes more than 250 startups in 3 recent YC classes to get a sense of companies being founded in “Startup Trends from Y Combinator’s Demo Day

Jake Chapman of Sazze Partners analyzes five years of Mattermarkfundraising data and determines that August is better than most months to seek funding in “Don’t Believe the Myth: August is One of the Best Months to Fundraise

Marc Andreessen of Andreessen Horowitz welcomes Alex Rampell, former CEO and co-founder of TrialPay, to Andreessen Horowitz as its newest General Partner in “Alex Rampell

Mahesh Vellanki of Redpoint Ventures examines Zulily’s (acq. by QVC) operating metrics, Key Performance Indicators, why their stock price tanked in “Understanding the Rise and Fall (and Rise Again) of Zulily

Paul Arnold of Arnold Capital lists some insights he’s learned as an investor and reflects on Mode’s characteristics that led to a Series A in “How Mode Grew Into a Series A Company

From the Operators

Dustin Moskovitz of Asana concludes that as an industry, ‘we are falling short of our potential’, and urges companies to do great things while providing a better life for everyone in tech in “Work Hard, Live Well

Angie Chang of Women 2.0 in the First Round Review reflects on her journey that led to building her influence, techniques to apply a strong personal brand to a cause, and how to rally supporters in “Influencers Aren’t Born, They’re Built – Here’s How

Scott Rosenberg of Backchannel explores the trend of developers live streaming their tedious work and questions its longevity as ‘a thing’ in “The Strange Appeal of Watching Coders Code

Carlos Rivera of Requested shares what he learned after launching a ‘confusing, hard to use, and inconvenient’ app that resulted in a pivot in “Failing is OK

Nathan Bernard of Lrn recaps his pre-launch preparations, how his community rallied to increase awareness, and the stats after launch in “How We Got 1,000 Up-Votes on Product Hunt

Amanda Hackwith of Codeship chats with Dan Kador about the realities of building a startup, investors, diversity in tech and the role of a CTO in “An Inside Look with Codeship: Dan Kador, CTO of Keen IO

Shaun Gallagher of Shutdownify uses his own ‘shutdown-as-a-service’ business to let the world know why he’s closing up shop in “Shutdownify is Shutting Down

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© Mattermark 2015. Sources: Mattermark Research, Crunchbase, AngelList.

Sync Salesforce to Mattermark

Say goodbye to manual data entry.

With just a few mouse clicks, Mattermark will speed up your organization’s deal sourcing process by updating accounts in Salesforce with funding amounts, company stage, employee count, and other valuable data on over 1 million high-growth companies.

How to Sync Salesforce to Mattermark

Start off by signing into your Salesforce account, then visit the Salesforce settings page in Mattermark via the dropdown menu which populates after clicking on the avatar in the right-hand corner of our app. You can also integrate Salesforce from any company page in Mattermark.

For this tutorial, we’ll reference how to integrate from Mattermark’s own company page. In the Quick Facts section on the right side of the page, you’ll see a Salesforce dropdown menu. Click on it, and then click on “Sync to Salesforce.”

After clicking this, Salesforce will ask you to confirm. Allowing Mattermark to sync to your Salesforce accounts creates a one-way stream: We only provide — and never take — account data.

Click “Allow” to sync. You’ll be taken to a confirmation page which says, “Salesforce successfully added to your Mattermark account.” Continuing from this page will bring up Mattermark’s Salesforce settings page, where you will be asked to map Mattermark’s data fields to Salesforce’s data fields.

Use the dropdown menu on the settings page to select which Salesforce fields you want populated with Mattermark information, then click “Add.” Next, choose which Mattermark fields will map to your choices. Continue this process until you’ve completed the items you’d like to map and click “Save.”

These are the Mattermark fields you can currently sync either to existing fields in your Salesforce installation or to new custom fields you create to hold this information:

You may edit your choices on the settings page whenever you need. To access the Salesforce settings page in Mattermark, click on the user avatar in the right-hand corner.

Adding & Updating Mattermark Companies in Salesforce

All Team plans offer the option to bulk sync Mattermark’s data with your Salesforce accounts.

To enable this feature, you must contact your Mattermark account manager. We’ll take care of the rest: As long as we can match website information in your contacts with website information in our database, we will continually and automatically update all data you’ve mapped between Mattermark and Salesforce.

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