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Totality, Win Product Positioning and Messaging, and Remote Employees – Mattermark Daily

This is a special “it’s August and if you’re not on vacation you spent your morning looking at the sky” edition of the Mattermark Daily. We’ll keep it brief.

Total Solar Eclipse 2017

From the Operators

Daniel Debow of Helpful discusses how founders and marketers can win in their product positioning and messaging when they “Piss people off (but only at the right time)

Margot Mazur of Wistia offers up advice on how to help a diverse set of remote employees be successful in “Tech companies: make remote work part of your diversity and inclusion efforts.”

From the Investors

Ellen Pao writes “This Is How Sexism Works in Silicon Valley“, an excerpt from her book, Reset, which comes out in September.


Sam from Aurora Solar wrote in to tell us about some open positions. Sam says, “If you geeked out over the solar eclipse, are passionate about advancing the growth of renewable energy, or generally want to work on something that really matters, we would love to talk to you!”

Check out their opportunities as a Senior Frontend Engineer, Computer Vision / Machine Learning Engineer, and Inside Sales Representative.

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