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Anti-Goals, IoT Sales Traps, Lost Decades, and more – Mattermark Daily

From the Operators

Andrew Wilkinson of Tiny explains how he loves work by never doing the things he hates in “The Power of Anti-Goals

Brian Armstrong of Coinbase shares “The Coinbase Seed Round Pitch Deck” and reminds founders about how long it takes to become an “overnight success”.

Ben Thompson of Stratechery dissects the decision-making process behind Benchmark’s lawsuit against Travis Kalanick in “The Uber Dilemma“.

Editor’s Note: Mattermark usually doesn’t promote articles from sites with a paywall (the post above is publicly available), but if you’re not a subscriber, you’re crazy because Ben’s posts at Stratechery for just $10/month are so. damn. good.

From the Investors

Bryce Roberts of OATV implores founders to start building real businesses from the beginning and have “No More Lost Decades“.

Marlon C. Nichols of Cross Culture Ventures on encouraging women and people of color to join VC in “‘In Residence’, Changing the Face of Venture Capital“.

Cadran Cowansage of YC continues the “Ask A Female Engineer” series with “Thoughts on the Google Memo“.

John Tough of Invenergy Future Fund discusses sales tactics and mistakes that (not just IoT) startups make in “Three Industrial IoT Sales Traps to Avoid“.


Gabe Marcial at AwayTravel dropped a note about some awesome career opps!

What they do: Thoughtful luggage (read: suitcase that looks good and can charge your phone)

Hiring for: Email / Retention Marketing Lead and Senior Associate, Search Marketing

In his own words: Founded by two Warby Parker alums, we’re on track for ~$50MM top line in our first full calendar year and are growing fast. Join us and you’ll come along on our next international team trip! (This year was Nicaragua.) And if you can’t wait, venture forth with our generous vacation policy. We’ll provide your suitcase, of course.

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