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The Mattermark Editorial Team Is Hiring And You Should Def Apply

tl;dr: The Mattermark editorial team is hiring a data-driven journalist who thinks that startups, markets, and venture capital are cool.

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I’m damn excited to announce that the Mattermark editorial team is hiring another journalist to help cover where the worlds of finance and technology collide.

We’re looking for someone who has an unhealthy interest in charts, datasets, and probably spends too much time looking at companies’ financial data. If you want to research, explore, and write about the financial side of technology, this gig is for you.

Here are the brass tacks of the job. You should apply. Or email me about it. Or send me a DM. Whatever you want.

What The Hell Is Editorial At Mattermark?

The editorial team at Mattermark is an internally independent group that writes and publishes on private companies, startup capital, and when it becomes relevant, public markets and IPOs.

We’ve written on where to raise capital that isn’t Silicon Valley, dug into the life sciences and bitcoin ecosystems, explored the changing value of ARR, tried to understand what the hell happened to 2015’s IPO crop, all the way back to how startups should calculate profit and whether or not Uber is, you know, making money anywhere.

Also, we’re working on some cool stuff on the editorial side that I can’t really talk about yet, but should give our writing a bit more spit and polish. It’s going to rock.

What’s special about this job is that it isn’t necessarily tied to the news cycle. If you want more time to report, research, and write before you publish, you can have it. We’re still going to scribble our backsides off and try to drive the narrative, but we are not tied to covering, say, earnings at exactly 1:05 PST, or any sort of embargo that lands at 12:01 in the morning.

My goal with editorial at Mattermark is to understand what is going on in technology, and explain it to the smart and cool kids that read what we write.

Say hi, this is going to be fun.

Formal, official job posting.

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