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Mattermark Weekly #11 – Exploring VC Portfolio Composition & Traction Metrics

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Portfolio companies tend to fall into 3 buckets of traction: negative, positive, and then 1 or 2 hyper-growth startups. Some do a little early stage and others do a lot. Some invest in many companies and some pick just a few. There are several strategies, which are nuanced far beyond volume and stage. It’s all about finding the whales.

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Top 10 Series A Portfolios – VCs with the Highest Aggregate Average Mattermark Score

One simple way to keep tabs on overall portfolio growth is to look at the average Mattermark score across all companies with a positive score. In keeping with our theme, we’ve broken down the Series A portfolios to see which portfolios (of the 50 we sampled) have the highest average Mattermark scores:

  1. 614 – Baseline
  2. 516 – Floodgate
  3. 490 – Union Square Ventures
  4. 455 – Redpoint
  5. 448 – Battery Ventures
  6. 421 – Freestyle Capital
  7. 395 – General Catalyst
  8. 393 – SV Angel
  9. 391 – Matrix Partners
  10. 388 – Correlation VC

Putting Money to Work – What Will Traction Cost You?

It is generally accepted that startups fail, so for many firms managing downside is a losing proposition and precious time is better spent nurturing the companies who are growing to help them grow faster.

So what happens if we look at portfolios and throw out their declining startups? In this graph we’re using total capital raised to date to determine which portfolios’ companies are putting dollars to work to gain traction most effectively, on average. This takes into account ALL the funding a startup has raised, not just the dollars coming from the portfolio it belongs to. I’ve also included a few incubator programs to give you a sense of how efficiently their companies who have made it to Series A are gaining traction.

Points Earned per $1M in Total VC Funding – Series A Stage

copyright Mattermark © 2015 (Source: Mattermark Research, Source: Crunchbase, Source: AngelList)

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Mattermark News Last Week

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