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Mattermark Daily – Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

How SaaS Sales Teams Can Reduce Churn

For any VP of Sales, increasing a company’s run rate from $300K to $3MM over the span of six months is an impressive feat. But when Mark Roberge attempted to do that at HubSpot, he ran into a big problem:

ARR was up. Customer count was up. But churn had skyrocketed. Here’s how Mark Roberge worked through the problem.


From the Investors

Kyle Poyar of OpenView Venture Partners investigates why freemium has been declining in popularity among SaaS companies and what operators should try instead in “The Slow Death of Freemium – And What Comes Next

Ash Rust of Trinity Ventures explains how startups should approach early growth in “How to Get 10% Weekly Growth

Tomasz Tunguz of Redpoint Ventures points out that in 2017, revenue recognition for SaaS companies will change, and SaaS startups will have more flexibility in the way they record revenue than in the past in “The Important SaaS Accounting Changes Coming In 2017


Matt Coffman of High Alpha breaks down the major themes he anticipates will impact software development for 2017 in “Four Big Ideas Shaping Product Strategy Today

Willy Braun of daphni walks through advice given by long-time recruiters to startups in “The Most Common Mistakes Made By Startups Throughout The Hiring Process


From the Operators

Joe Fernandez of Joymode discusses how his team is challenging the notion of ownership in the experiences economy and details key lessons on maintaining perspective as a founder, relationship building, and scaling gleaned from his time leading Klout in “33voices Episode 1272. (Podcast)

Mariya Yao of TOPBOTS uncovers what VCs considering when making investments in the growing bot space in “What VCs Look for in Bot Investments

Lincoln Murphy of Winning by Design says most companies have everything backwards, focusing too much on the initial sale at the expense of Customer Lifetime Value growth in “Visualizing the Importance of Customer Success

Eliot Peper, Author of Cumulus, interviews Courtland Allen to understand how and why he started a media company focused on telling the stories of bootstrapping founders in “How INDIE HACKERS grew from zero to 170k sessions in 3 months


Katie Sullivan of VentureApp summarizes the importance of building trust early as it affects so many aspects of a business in “Are You Building Trust With Your Marketing?

James Meincke of CloserIQ provides a comprehensive list of fun ways to motivate startup sales teams during the holiday season in ” 12 Holiday Incentives for Sales Teams


The Changing Value Of ARR V

Our favorite SaaS bellwether released earnings today. Let’s find out what that means for your startup.


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