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Raise the Bar – Sales Email Fails, Time-Boxed Growth Experiments, and more

How SaaS Sales Teams Can Reduce Churn

It makes sense to assume that retention is a customer success problem. It’s their professional responsibility to make people successful with your product. But here’s the painful truth:

At a certain point, there’s only so much a success team member can do to prevent churn when a customer was a bad fit for your product right from the start.

Here are some lessons on how sales teams can influence churn rate


Always Be Closing Sales

Matt Wesson of SalesLoft admits, in most sales emails, there’s a disconnect between what you say and what a customer hears, and highlights the dangers of these miscommunications in “Sales Email Fails [Video]

Johanna Rivard of PureB2B says if pursuing a non-qualified lead means ending up risking more than what you can gain, then it’s probably a wise decision to walk away from that particular prospect in “When Should You Dismiss a Sales Lead?


Expand Your Marketing Funnel

Heidi Cohen of Actionable Marketing Guide recognizes that it’s difficult, if not impossible, to write a strong piece of content that resonates with your readers, if you don’t know whom you’re writing for in “Content Marketing Audience: Do You Know Your Readers?

Nathan Ellering of CoSchedule serves you the newest, most comprehensive list of marketing content types on the Internet, along with tactics to create them in “113 Content Types To Organize With Your Marketing Calendar


Grow Up and To The Right

Russ Heddleston of DocSend talks about how he DocSend raised $11M, grew to 2,800+ company customers, with over 10,000 seats because ‘links are better than attachments’ in “The Top Entrepreneur, Ep. 581” (podcast)

David Arnoux of Growth Tribe expands on why experiments should be time-boxed to 2-weeks and to 1-month for larger or more rigid organizations in “Time-Boxed Experiments

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