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Modern Sales Dictionary, A Multi-Million Dollar SaaS Growth Strategy, and More – Raise The Bar

A Beginner’s Guide to Modern Sales

In a world filled with business jargon, sometimes it can be hard to understand precisely what someone is talking about. Last year, we shared a beginner’s guide to Venture Capital, and we figured it’s about time we make one for modern sales.

While this list is not comprehensive of all words and phrases relevant for today’s salespeople, we hope it serves as a good foundation for learning about the modern sales era and inspires you to dig deeper.

Always Be Closing Sales

Gabe Villamizar of Lucidchart recommends salespeople understand three crucial fundamental social selling principles and show you the social selling process he implemented for his team in “The B2B Social Selling Framework

Ramin Assemi of Close.io looks at how to use follow up emails to convert in a variety of example scenarios, and provides templates for 8 types of email follow-ups in “The Ultimate Guide to Follow-up Emails

SaaS Metrics Survey

Are you ready to raise your next round? Take our survey to help measure and benchmark the metrics vital to a SaaS company’s success. Answers will be compiled and sent to participants this summer. Go here to take the survey.

Expand Your Marketing Funnel

Drew Austin of Wade & Wendy compiles insights and strategies from the bot leaders at Reply.ai, TOPBOTS, Kip, and Wade & Wendy on bot user acquisition and engagement, as well as their hopes and expectations for the future of bots in “Bot Acquisition & Engagement Strategies

Bogdan Zlatkov of Pixel Press highlights the merits of both a quantity-heavy and a quality-heavy approach to content marketing and ties both to their impact on the sales funnel in “How to Improve the Quality of Your B2B Content Marketing

Grow Up and To The Right

Nate Weiner of Pocket details the benefits of how Pocket’s sustained smaller size in its early years was formative to its long-standing winning streak in “The Story Behind How Pocket Hit 20M Users with 20 People

Chris Von Wilpert of Rocketship Agency and Noah Kagan of Sumo shows exactly how Intercom has grown from $0 to $50 million — and how you can use the same principles in your own business in “Peek inside Intercom’s Multi-million Dollar SaaS Growth Strategy

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