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Mattermark Daily – Wednesday, October 12th, 2016

From the Investors

Raph Crouan of Startupbootcamp gives insight into the trends and startups they’ve seen whilst running their IoT and hardware accelerator in “The Future of IoT

Victor Gutwein of M25 Group summarizes what the early-stage due diligence process should involve – and what it shouldn’t – in his post “No Nonsense Due Diligence

Mahesh Vellanki of Redpoint Ventures talks about the consumer businesses he would start tomorrow if he were an entrepreneur in “A VC’s Personal List of Startup Ideas

Michael Yamnitsky of Work-Bench takes a look at the recent industry consolidation in the security market in “Is M&A Really The Silver Bullet For Legacy Security Vendors?

Willy Braun of daphni explains three common temptations within HR that prevent organizations from growing and ways to solve it in “How To Keep On Building Great Organizations

Jitha Thathachari of OperatorVC explains why focus on a narrow customer segment is not always great advice (and how to decide when to extend), in “WARNING: Too Much Focus Can Constrain Your Startup

From the Operators

Brian Balfour of Reforge takes a stance on how founders and product/growth leads should invest in the longer term process of learning growth rather than chase “growth hack-tics.” in “7 Principles To Mastering Growth Marketing


Kathy Nolan of Shoobx knows that people often put off granting founder shares, either because they don’t understand how it affects their business or they have a whole host of excuses for why they’d rather do it later in “Founder Shares: 4 Reasons To Grant Them Right Now”

Dan Wywrot of Paro provides templates for line items under the assets section of your balance sheet to give you a more realistic and smooth view on the all-important P&L in “Beef Up Your Balance Sheet With These Simple Templates

Mixpanel reports what hundreds of billions of data points tell us about the future of mobile with insights from experts like a16z’s Benedict Evans, Connie Chan and more in “iOS 10 Report

Mark Nichols of Flow shows why failure isn’t an endpoint in “How Elite Agencies Run Project Post-Mortems

Christian Thurston of Gigster outlines how you can use a lean startup approach to getting your initiatives green-lit by your CEO in “How to pitch an idea to your CEO


Civic Tech Faces Uphill Battle In Work To Build A Better Government And Society

Civic Tech companies aim to make interacting with government less painful and contributing to society easier, but they face logistical hurdles. Mattermark investigates.


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