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Mattermark Daily – Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016

From the Investors

Brad Feld of Foundry Group shares his take on the current state of venture capital investing in a conversation with Michael Platt of Cooley LLP in “Q316 State of Venture Capital Update With Cooley

Samir Kaji of First Republic believes it’s clear that while still early in its formation as a major innovation center, he uses data to show how LA might be underrated in “#LongLA

Mike Brown Jr. of Bowery Capital and Gabe Larsen of InsideSales discuss the definition of sales cadence, what cadences he sees in the market today, and the importance of having a structured process to optimize outreach in “Improving Your Sales Cadence Strategy

Harry Alford of Humble Ventures looks at how and why the most promising sports startups exist at the intersection of sports, tech and media in “Successful Sports VCs Will Represent A Combination Of These 3 Industries


From the Operators

Jordan Gonen of Inside details how he began making a conscious effort to internalize advice from others and define a path to accelerate his growth in “How I Went from Being a Stranger to Having a Network in Silicon Valley

Cameron Conaway of Flow explores how the basics of project management inform remote work leadership in “From Remote Maker to Remote Manager
Diana Smith of Segment dives into why, as startups grow, it’s much harder for new people to say the hard things that need to be said, and how this changes over time in “The Elephant in the Room

Zvi Band of Contactually says to treat both the needs of the company, and the skills of your employee, as always changing, converging, and deviating in “Levels of Talent

Adi Nouriel of Wombat acknowledges that it’s going to be challenge and to be there for each other in “I’m a Venture Backed Startup Founder and I Just Had A Baby Omg!

Jenny Lewandowski of Snagajob walks through ways to create a magnetic team culture in “Employee Engagement Ideas


Founders: Don’t Worry About When You Raise

When is the best time of year to raise new capital? Is there a ‘prime season’ when you should start ringing doorbells on Sand Hill Road? Not as much as you probably thought, Jason Rowley reports for Mattermark.

venture capital deals between 2005 and 2015

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