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Mattermark Daily – Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

From the Investors

Boris Wertz of Version One Ventures describes why ‘the virtuous cycle is the holy grail for online marketplaces’ and how to achieve that cycle in “Growing a Marketplace: How to Spark the Virtuous Cycle

Albert Wenger of Union Square Ventures focuses on ‘a potentially wrong assumption about long run profitability’ that he thinks may add to high private market valuations in “Valuations, Profit Destroying Innovation and Winner’s Curse

Roberto Bonanzinga of Balderton Capital dissects how both funders and founders ‘must be able to master the art of influence as a management tool to support the company building process’ in “Analysis of a Decision: Deciding vs. Influencing

Angel Investor Kelly Hoey looks at trends behind the numbers thatMattermark surfaced about the $1.4 billion raised in a single day in May in “Show Me the Money! Venture Capitalists Invested $1,401,700,000 in One Day

Jerrod Engelberg of FundersClub discusses what the value per hour means for investors and founders in the context of fundraising in “My Two [Million] Cents (Pt. 2): If Founder Time is Worth 5-Figures Per Hour, Here’s How to Act Accordingly

Sarah Kunst of Future Perfect Ventures believes someone is or should be building the ‘OpenGov/ERP SaaS for higher education’ and offers her help in “Request For Startups: OpenGov for Higher Ed

Mahesh Vellanki of Redpoint Ventures visualizes Fitibit’s IPO numbers to shed light on wearables as an emerging market in “S-1 Teardown: Fitbit

Charles Bonello of Grand Central Tech dials in on four key elements he says, ‘influence the pricing power (and margins) for any given service or product’ in “The High Price of Saying I Do

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From the Operators

Marcela Sapone of Hello Alfred sees flaws in the current state of On-Demand companies and encourages them to treat their workforce as the primary customer in “The Cars Aren’t Driving Themselves Yet

Russ Heddleston of DocSend publishes a report on lessons learned from analyzing over 200 Seed and Series A pitch decks that together were used to raise over $360M in “Lessons from a Study of Perfect Pitch Decks

Geoffrey Weg of Quire outlines the characteristics of someone who can execute across non-technical disciplines, from concept through implementation in “Full Stack Operator

Eric Jorgenson of Evergreen explores how ideas bubble up, where to find them, and how to become someone that has ‘good ideas’ in “How to Get Good Business Ideas – The Mental Alchemy of Ideation

Alex Walz of Apptentive breaks down mobile Customer Lifetime Value into tangible parts that make up the overall metric, along with tips and best practices for calculating each piece in “Measuring the Lifetime Value of a Mobile Customer

From Mattermark

Max Altschuler of Sales Hacker and Daniel Barber of ToutApp share actionable tips on building a well-oiled sales qualified lead machine in “ICP + TAM = A Sales Qualified Lead Machine

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