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Mattermark Daily – Tuesday, June 14th, 2016

From the Investors

Tory Green of Tiller Partners argues that scenario of the “valuation gap” of the Twilio IPO is expected given two key structural phenomenon:  a) the inflated valuation of private companies due to liquidation preferences and b) the backlog of potential tech IPOs “Hunting for Unicorns

Beezer Clarkson, partner at Sapphire offers her thoughts on the world of limited partners (LPs) in venture in “My Chat With The Twenty Minute VC On LPs And The World Of VC

Michael Gilroy of Canaan Partners discusses how chat & artificial intelligence are transforming the largest market in enterprise software – customer relationship management in “Chat + AI Changing the Face of CRM

Lu Zhang of NewGen Capital outlines “Why China Remains Fertile Ground for Tech Growth

Chris Douvous, Managing Director and member of the General Partner at VIA (Venture Investment Associates), chats with Notation Capital about growing up in Brooklyn, investing courageously, and being the first institutional backer of First Round Capital in “Origins Ep. 3 w/ Chris Douvos” (podcast)

Willy Braun of daphni provides his lessons learned and underlying assumptions of VCs in “The 8 Things Everyone Should Know About Startup Funding

Leo Polovets of Susa Ventures reflects on his time working at LinkedIn and how they thought about money, product features, and M&A in “15 Short Stories About LinkedIn’s Early Days

From the Operators

Kyle Samani of WorkingOnHisNextAdventure details how to think about sales ops as a multiplier on your brain in “Why Does Sales Ops Matter?

Jeff Gardner of Intercom expands on how to build an internet-scale company where every employee remains intimately connected to both the problem you’re solving but also the people that you’re solving it for in “Who Are You Building For?


Karla Gallardo and Shilpa Shah of Cuyana converse on creating a brand that resonates with consumers and investors in “Fewer, Better Things” (podcast)

Claire Lew of Know Your Company explains why she hates anonymous feedback and how it can negatively impact company culture in “Anonymous Feedback Breeds a Culture of Distrust

Serial Entrepreneur, Dan Martell guides you through his five key things to ‘get right’ when selling a product in “5 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Selling Their Business

Magical Accounting And The Open Internet (read more)

Alex Wilhelm takes a quick peek at peak It’s Not A Real Cost, net neutrality, and some breaking analysis of the Microsoft-LinkedIn deal. Here’s the post.

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