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Mattermark Daily – Thursday, November 17th, 2016

From the Investors

David Coats of Correlation Ventures proposes a different definition of startup winners to put up on the pedestal and celebrate and seek to fund in “Unicorns are Overrated. Triple Crowns are Better.


Caroline Fairchild of LinkedIn recaps her day with Entrepreneurs in Training at California State Prison and the thoughts of VCs that attended in “I Spent 12 Hours in Prison With 75 Venture Capitalists and Founders. Here’s What Happened

Sara Deshpande of Maven Ventures describes what founders can do to set themselves up for a successful exit in “Lessons from Inside Six Startup Exits”  

Paul Martino of Bullpen Capital discusses what he would most like to see change in the LP ecosystem and why he believes LPs need a new fund discovery process in “The Twenty Minute VC: Paul Martino” (podcast)

Patrick Meenan of Arthur Ventures encourages VC-backed founders not to dismiss profitability in 2017 in “Taking Pride in Profitability


From the Operators

Marie Williams of the Computer History Museum’s NextGen Advisory Board talks with Kim Polese, Bill Reichert, and Justin Kan about their biggest failures and the silver linings behind every setback in “Day of the Dead” (videos)

Sara Mauskopf of Winnie outlines five things she did that bought her time when her days were already full in “How to Start a Company With No Free Time

Cliff Moon of Opsee gives his perspective of going from long-time engineer to founder and the process of evolving as a leader in “Founding for Engineers

Karen Wickre of KVOX Media addresses common startup culture issues she’s learned by has surviving the highs and lows of Silicon Valley’s kingmakers in “My Startup Can’t Stop Bro-ing Out

Pablo Stanley of Carbon Health offers his tips to keep a fun workplace by poking at the design team and toying with their emotions in “How To Conduct “Engaging” Design Reviews

Naji Kelley of BLNDED shares the story of why he started his company and how he hopes to achieve his vision of inspiring multicultural entrepreneurs in “The Origins of BLNDED


Venture Capitalists, Cognitive Bias, And The Dangers Of Learning From The Past

Investors are known for following one another, sometimes over a cliff. But what drives, and influences investor thinking when it comes to picking companies? Sonya Mann reports.

The world is full of confusion and deception, for venture capitalists as well as the rest of us.


What’s A Social Media Company Worth?

To understand where Snap fits in the larger financial world, we’ve used Twitter and Facebook as analogs for obvious reasons. This morning, we are taking the exercise to its natural conclusion, peering into the two public companies’ historical revenue multiples. If we can see how the market treated the two firms we know best, it may help us better know what to expect for Snap. He who charts the past prices the future. He who charts the present prices the past.1

Following, we’ll see what it can tell us about what Snap is attempting.


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