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Mattermark Daily – Monday, October 24th, 2016

From the Investors

Andrei Brasoveanu of Accel focuses on defining & explaining the key metrics that marketplace founders should track, as well as pitfalls / commentary around them in “10 Marketplace KPIs That Matter

Gil Dibner notes the total VC volume in Europe & Israel was down 24% in the third quarter of 2016 compared to the second quarter in his 49 slide deck in “3Q16 VC Data for Europe & Israel

Sarah Tavel of Greylock Partners publishes her presentation on why she thinks American millennials have a burning need for new financial products, and why the timing is ripe for a new generation of startups in “Saving People Money, Fintech Edition


Marcin Szelag of Innovation Nest finds that in many SaaS startup cases, it takes much longer to reach set revenue milestones and he expands on ‘objects in the road’ in “(before) Growth


From the Operators

Alex Blumberg of Gimlet Media explores what happens when you unpack your emotional baggage and you realize the unexpected effect that it has been having on your team in “StartUp Podcast: Shadowed Qualities

Tren Griffin of Microsoft outlines a dozen insights he’s learned about multi-sided markets in “Platforms

Julia Khusainova of Shyp walks through their design process from customer need to product launch in “Designing the Shyp Web Experience

Ryan Law of Cobloom puts together a comprehensive guide to 50 essential SaaS metrics in “SaaS Metrics Guide to Smarter, Faster Growth

Avinash Kaushik of Market Motive lays out how to create and use attribution models in order to prioritize the evolution of people, process, and company structure in “Digital Attribution’s Ladder of Awesomeness

Terry Lee of MeUndies reflects on the importance of outlining a clear vision in “North Star


Google Acquires Eyefluence, Which Has Raised $21.6 Million In VC, Signaling Continued Interest In VR/AR

Google has acquired Eyefluence, which has developed a suite of eyeball-sensing technologies for AR and VR, for an undisclosed sum.



How Blind Hiring Can Make Your Company More Inclusive

It’s widely known that technology’s diversity problem is daunting, and immediate. Today, Dr. Frida Polli, counder of Pymetrics digs into one way that companies are diversifying their workforce. It’s required reading for founders.



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