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Mattermark Daily – Monday, July 18th, 2016

From the Investors

Tomasz Tunguz of Redpoint Ventures provides an interactive worksheet to calculate the ratio of the sales pipeline to bookings in “The Essential Go To Market Math For Beating Your SaaS Startup’s Growth Targets

Carlos Espinal of Seedcamp interviews Christoph Janz of Point Nine Capital to get his perspective on investing in SaaS companies and the key SaaS KPIs founders should track in “Seedcamp Podcast, Episode 96

Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures details why you have to either choose to be an active and concentrated or passive and diversified investor in “Active vs Passive Investing

Alexander Rupert of EarlyBird VC acknowledges venture capital has an exponential learning curve and offers ten insights in “The first year in Venture Capital — Lessons (to be) Learned

Sunny Dhillon of Signia Venture Partners outlines seven rules for entrepreneurs to keep in mind when it comes to effective introductions in “Get Back, You Don’t Know Me Like That: How Founders Can Do Intros Right

Isaac Madan of Venrock shares an updated list of recent resources for staying up to date on deep learning in “Up to Speed on Deep Learning: July Update


From the Operators

Dan Wolchonok of HubSpot shares how to identify which users have the most valuable feedback depending on whether you’re looking to improve activation, actives retention or another part of the customer lifecycle in “Identify Users with the Most Valuable Feedback


Brian Weisberg of Anchore produces a model for anyone to better understand their acquisition costs and set targets for their sales and marketing teams in “Ensuring Accountability for Sales & Marketing Investments

Brandon Redlinger of PersistIQ walks through the sales funnel and identifies actions that can jeopardize the chances of a deal closing in “The Top 5 Common Mistakes With Inbound Lead Routing

Sara Mauskopf of Winnie reveals a way she grew mobile user traction, in-app content, and user geographies, at the same time in “Go Big or Go Home

Alex Fishman of Bugsee covers the 36 hour timeline of events, stakeholder communications, and business operations it took to gracefully close up shop in “How to Shut Down a Startup in 36 Hours

Marc Kuo from Routific continues his discussion about business and life lessons he gained from Techstars in “Lessons in Business and Life, 12 Months After Techstars Part Two


The Changing Value Of ARR, Part III

In this post, we’re taking a third and penultimate look at the value of ARR. During our third crack at the question, we are turning back the clock to a simpler time for some historical bearing. Read more.

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