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Mattermark Daily – Monday, February 6th, 2017

It’s SaaStr Annual Week, Who’s There?

We’re proud to announce many new updates to the Mattermark suite of products. These new updates include a Public List of SaaStr Annual 2017 sponsors and speakers, along with the new Mattermark Growth Score, and increased coverage of 1.57 million to 4 million companies, and 990,000 new industry tags. Here’s the full product, data, and Public List update. :)

mattermark product update 1

From the Investors

Deepak Ravichandran, Jeff Lu, and Roger Lee of Battery Ventures crunched data on public consumer companies to create an index to track “network-effects” companies like Snap, Inc., in “Network Effects – The Keys to Ascending the Consumer-Internet Throne

battery network effects

Guy Turner of Hyde Park Venture Partners argues that new infrastructure or UI innovation (like AI), within software, only matters to the extent that it further drives marginal cost to zero in “The Essence of Software and Zero Marginal Cost

Ben Einstein of Bolt explains what startups can do to set appropriate user expectations when launching a new hardware product in “Hardware Startups Should Lower User Expectations

Thomas Reygagne of Avolta Partners looks to mitigate an entrepreneur’s hopes with why venture capitalists finance innovation and traction only when it is profitable in “Are French VCs Financing Innovation?

Thatcher Bell of CoVenture shares his review of 2016 trends in both VC and capital lending in “Annual Letter to Investors

From the Operators

Elad Gil of Color Genomics realizes that if you plan to go fundraise in twelve months, you should start to build select VC relationships early vs. right before you fundraise in “Building VC Relationships

Sam Mallikarjunan of HubSpot dives into why it’s getting easier than ever for established companies to lose a big sales lead in “Lead Positions are More Tenuous Than Ever

James Altucher, a serial entrepreneur, offers his thoughts on why an ‘entrepreneurial mindset’ is really brutal and is really a ‘raging fire that often scorches the Earth until there are no survivors’ in “How To Develop An Entrepreneur Mindset

Jessica Ellis of Magoosh dissects why your brain is the ultimate brainstorming tool in “The Neuroscience of Breakthrough Thinking

Sarah Goff-Dupont of Atlassian recognizes there’s a lot going right with women in tech and why their diverse perspectives are critical to building technology for everyone in “What I Want Other Parents to Know About Women in Tech

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