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Mattermark Daily – Monday, February 1st, 2016

From the Investors

Matt Turck of FirstMark Capital details the 2016 Big Data landscape in “Is Big Data Still a Thing?

Sarah Tavel of Greylock Partners explains why in building an enduring, multi-billion dollar business, convenience isn’t enough in “Taking the Wrong Lesson from Uber

Fred Destin of Accel guides founders around the worst board meeting scenarios he can think of in “Startup Board Meetings that Suck

Benedict Evans of Andreessen Horowitz describes multiple aggregated list products and why lists might win in the end against traditional search engines in “Lists are the New Search

Deborah Jackson of Plum Alley Investments believes that after two decades on Wall Street and 10 years of personal investing in early stage companies, public equities are riskier than we appreciate in “Risk: What to Know and How to See its Value

Karthik Reddy of Blume Ventures advises founders on how to get the attention of investors in “The Portfolio Chronicles (Part 4B)


From the Operators

Terry Lee of MeUndies shares the importance of committing to a morning routine in “Start Your Day with Momentum

Danielle Morrill of Mattermark shares how and why she shut down Referly and started Mattermark in “Dorm Room Tycoon – Making the Right Choices” (podcast)

Blake Thorne of StatusPage.io reveals the results of their customer service email experiment in “We Filed 100 Support Tickets to Find Out How to Send Better Customer Service Email Auto-Replies

Amina Elahi of Blue Sky Innovation explores the potential long-reaching effects of an increase in minority venture capitalists in “Venture Capitalists Are So White – But What If They Weren’t?

Jason Warner of Heroku describes his mistake of ‘putting up with someone because he was afraid of losing their ability’ in “The Biggest Mistake I Ever Made

Ryan Borker of Shortlist scrutinizes professional networking giant LinkedIn’s success in dominating professional networking, and suggests possible opening for startups to take it on in “Can anyone stop LinkedIn? Hints from the users

Entrepreneur’s 9 Hot Startups of 2016 – Ranked by Growth Score (read more)

Entrepreneur.com published their list of hot startups to watch this year, so we decided to see how they rank. They note that this list of companies has each created a significant amount of buzz in their respective industries and seem to be on their way to the top.

Here’s the ranked list of startups to watch in 2016.

entrepreneur 9 startups

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