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Why Lead Qualification Is Quickly Surpassing VC Deal Sourcing as the #1 Use of Mattermark

As we explore what it means to provide deal intelligence to our customers, new use cases are beginning to emerge for Mattermark. We now have 60+ customers using our tools for lead qualification.

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Hundreds of conversations with sales and marketing professionals has convinced us that selling into SMEs (Small & Medium sized Enterprises) is quite difficult, because it’s hard to reach them at the right time in the development of the company.

An SME is an attractive target for B2B software, SaaS, PaaS and IaaS providers because it is generally less bureaucratic than a large enterprise, but still has the potential to become a very large business in the future (unlike an SMB).

That lack of bureaucracy means the person you are speaking with is empowered to make buying decisions themselves, without much procurement overhead. You just have to win the deal. But to win the deal, you have to find it first — that’s where Mattermark comes in.

Mattermark is Selling SMEs a Tool to Help Them Sell to SMEs

So meta, right?

It turns out using our own product to help us find customers has given us unique insight into what we need, and when we turn our own processes inside out we can see ways to help other businesses like us.

Mattermark isn’t a full stack solution for selling. We’re not a CRM (we use RelateIQ) and we’re not a marketing automation platform (we use SendWithUs) — we’re the intelligence layer that helps you fill the top of the funnel. For many B2B startups it isn’t a mystery what type of customers the business should be going after. The real challenge is getting a list of those targets and prioritizing who to go after first.

Let’s say for example your company makes a SaaS product for collaboration around project management (think Asana, PivotalTracker, Slack, etc.) and you want to contact companies that can afford to pay you a little bit, and also might be reaching a size where adopting a collaboration tool has gone from “nice to have” to “must have”.

The ideal target customer for you to reach out to: has the problem you’re solving, they’re willing to pay, and they’re able to pay.

Let’s bound our search a bit further, imagine you are based in the New York area and you want to focus on outreach where you’ll be able to easily meet with the company in person. So let’s use Mattermark to find company that:

  • have at least 6 employees (they have the problem of increased communication complexity as they grow — you could pick any number)
  • have raised either a seed round or Series A in the past 6 months (they’re able to pay)
  • is B2B (likely an SME because Mattermark’s database is focused on high growth tech companies) and based in the New York Metro area

Mattermark Results: 61 companies I should call on right away (the list) — here’s a little teaser to give you a sense of what you’ll see:

copyright Mattermark © 2015 (Source: Mattermark Research, Source: Crunchbase, Source: AngelList)

Lead Sourcing & Qualification is Core to Deal Intelligence

What started off as an interesting edge case has become core to our business now making up nearly a quarter of our annual revenue, and we’re excited to be working with more than 60 customers who are now using Mattermark to generate these highly targeted lists of potential customers.

If you want to spend more time on targeted sales outreach Mattermark’s deal intelligence can help. We would love to talk with you about your SME sales outreach process, and invite you to sign up for a free trial, or reach out to me directly at danielle@ to get set up!

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