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What happens when you Mattermark the Pioneer 250?

TLDR: Some quick analysis of GSV’s Pioneer 250, using Mattermark data. If you want to do deeper analysis of the companies on their list, sign up for an account.

Earlier this week, I came across Li Jiang’s thoughtful piece (“Global Silicon Valley Pioneer 250“) about the next 250 unicorn companies. In it, he lists the Pioneer 250 candidates – a collection of startups and growing private companies that have the potential to yield billion dollar valuations sometime in the near future.

As I looked through candidates, I started to wonder a bunch of different questions: How many of those future unicorns are B2B and B2C companies? What does the industry and financing breakdown look like? Where are these companies? And what are the fastest growing companies in the set? All questions that would benefit if I had additional data points on each of these amazing companies. Being the data nerd I am, I powered up Mattermark and dug in. Let’s take a look.

Overall Findings:

  • GSV Capital invested in 20 of the Pioneer 250 companies
  • 39 of the companies went through Y Combinator
  • 7 of the companies went through 500 Startups
  • The average Pioneer 250 company is 6 years old. Youngest being Livongo Health (1 year) and Oldest being Nantero (16 years)
  • Collectively, these future unicorns have raised $16B with the average amount raised ~ $70M*

Funding numbers only account for companies that had publicly raised money


Most Companies are in Finance, Security, Enterprise Software, Healthcare, and Hardware

Pioneer250Stuff.003Fastest Growing Companies (Growth Score) by Industry


Substantial Number of Pioneer 250s have Raised Series B


Bay Area Leads the Herd


There are plenty of questions we could answer with this data set. To conduct your own in-depth analysis, sign up for a free trial of Mattermark Pro.


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