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Top 10 Startups at Collision 2015 – Sorted by The Growth Score

collision conf

On May 5th and 6th, Downtown Las Vegas will be home to the 2015 Collision technology conference.

The event brings together some of the biggest entrepreneurs and investors in the tech community to network and build relationships that often turn into investment opportunities.

At Mattermark, we’ve been keeping an eye on the fastest growing companies in attendance with our deal intelligence platform. The list below is sorted by our Growth Score. The Growth Score is calculated with Mattermark’s Mindshare Score, which quantifies metrics from app downloads, social media traction, website traffic and press mentions, in addition to number of employees and capital raised over time.

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We ranked this exciting group of Collision attendees and found the following 10 with the highest Growth Score:

  • Andy OS, Andy is a free downloadable Android OS that seamlessly connects all of your Android mobile devices with your PC. Mattermark Growth Score: 1458.
  • Kontakt.io, is a Polish internet-of-things startup that offers its own Beacon platform. Mattermark Growth Score: 1192.
  • Dramatize, is an online video service that streams Indian TV shows. Mattermark Growth Score: 1166.
  • Unbabel, is a human corrected machine translation service that enables businesses to communicate globally. Mattermark Growth Score: 1002.
  • Dissolve, provides high-quality footage for use in professional television and web-based advertising work. Mattermark Growth Score: 999.
  • Branch Metrics, helps you personalize the install experience for every new use through a referral and sharing platform. Mattermark Growth Score: 957.
  • Canary, is a smart home security system for everyone. Mattermark Growth Score: 933.
  • Drizly, powers the delivery of beer, wine and liquor to consumers across the United States. Mattermark Growth Score: 896.
  • Bey2ollak, is a cross platform mobile application for people to exchange info about traffic. Mattermark Growth Score: 866.
  • Sinch, provides real time communications to give apps Cloud VoIP features. Mattermark Growth Score: 861

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To learn about how the Growth Score is calculated, read more here.

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