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Top 10 500 Startups Batch 14 Startups – Sorted By The Growth Score

500 startups batch 14

Today, 500 Startups hosts their Demo Day for Batch 14 in Mountain View.

The companies will be pitching their products to an audience of VCs, Angel Investors, and decision makers at large tech companies, in hopes of closing their next round of funding.

We ranked this batch of 500 Startups companies and found the following 10 with the highest Mattermark Growth Score.

Key Statistics from 500 Startups Batch 14

  • 500 Startups Batch 14 is made up of 47% B2C companies
  • 18% of the companies are based in the Bay Area
  • 24% of the companies are e-commerce related
  • 12% are enterprise software related companies

10 Fastest Growing 500 Startups Batch 14 Companies

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  1. Pipefy, organize and run all your processes in one place. Mattermark Growth Score: 879.
  2. Apptuto, is an edtech startup providing a gamified social learning solution to students undertaking standardized exams. Mattermark Growth Score: 590.
  3. Aircall, provides collaborative tools to manage calls as a team : shared activity feed and contacts, forward/store/comment functions, anywhere access. Mattermark Growth Score: 580.
  4. Pacifica Labs, is comprised of quick, immersive tools that are designed to fit into users’ daily lives for stress and anxiety. Mattermark Growth Score: 491.
  5. StackShare, helps developers find and decide on the best cloud services, and allows you to see al the best SaaS and who’s using it. Mattermark Growth Score: 478.
  6. 43Layers, is a marketplace for custom event decorations and gifts. Mattermark Growth Score: 453.
  7. GiftStarter, is the easiest way for you and your friends, family members, or colleagues to give personalized gifts. Mattermark Growth Score: 389.
  8. Stamplay, is a cloud platform to build powerful backends by piecing together APIs as Lego. IFTTT meets Heroku. Mattermark Growth Score: 370.
  9. Havenly, is a service that charges $199 to match people with interior designers. Mattermark Growth Score: 369.
  10. MonkeyLearn, get data from text using Machine Learning. Integrate with your App within minutes. Mattermark Growth Score: 332.

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