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The 2015 Startup Investing Survey


Do you want to invest in startups? Chances are you can’t, even if you wanted to. Laws nearly eight decades old prohibit most Americans (nearly 97% of households) from making such investments.

Title III is supposed to change that. It’s a law passed by Congress in 2012 as part of the JOBS Act. It instructs the SEC to implement rules that would allow anyone to invest in private companies. Congress set a deadline for the SEC to implement Title III—December 2012—yet, nearly three years past its deadline, the SEC has failed to do so.

Recently, the SEC said it would finalize Title III this October. The SEC has set such goals for itself in the past, yet has consistently failed to meet them. We’re hoping the SEC sticks by its October deadline, and finally implements Title III.

To gauge interest for startup investing, Mattermark and Quire teamed up to conduct the 2015 Startup Investing Survey. (3-5 minutes to complete)

We hope the survey helps demonstrate that people want to invest in startups, and we’ll also gather information on such things as:

  • Why they want to invest
  • Which companies they want to invest in
  • How much their average investment would be
  • What geographies, genders and ethnicities they represent
  • (This survey is optionally anonymous)

Quire will use the data to urge the SEC to finalize Title III, and to inform their policy recommendations.

Head on over to Quire to take the 2015 Startup Investing Survey, and spread the word on Twitter to help #FinalizeTitleIII.

(The results will be published by October 1st.)

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