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The 12 Techstars NYC Winter 2015 Startups – Sorted By The Growth Score


Just recently, 12 startups graduated from the 6th Techstars NYC batch.

The companies made up Techstars most tech-focused and international group ever. At Mattermark, we’ve tracked the startups with our business intelligence platform.

The list below is sorted by our Growth Score. The Growth Score is calculated with Mattermark’s Mindshare Score, which quantifies metrics from app downloads, social media traction, website traffic and press mentions, in addition to number of employees and capital raised over time.

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We ranked all 12 of these remarkable Techstars companies by Growth Score:

  • Spoon University, is an online food publication, powered by a network of food-oriented student communities on college campuses nationwide. Mattermark Growth Score: 1194.
  • Keymetrics, offers a real-time platform for managing and monitoring NodeJS applications. Mattermark Growth Score: 924.
  • DataCampis an online data science school that offers hands-on courses using video lessons and interactive coding challenges. Mattermark Growth Score: 858.
  • Stream, enables developers to build scalable newsfeed and activity streams. Mattermark Growth Score: 555.
  • Stefan’s Head, is the first text-message driven retail brand. Mattermark Growth Score:537.
  • BentoBox, offers restaurants a platform to manage mobile-first websites, marketing and operations. Mattermark Growth Score: 460.
  • Localize, offers localization as a service, and helps translate your website with one line of code. Mattermark Growth Score: 424.
  • Pilot, delivers 1,000Mbps fiber-optic internet with no contracts and a 100% uptime guarantee. Mattermark Growth Score: 373.
  • IrisVR, builds software to share, edit, and visualize 3D models in virtual reality. Mattermark Growth Score: 341.
  • UniqueSound, is a platform for composers and sound creatives to showcase their work and get hired. Mattermark Growth Score: 222.
  • Cartesian Co, enables rapid electronics prototyping with their desktop 3D printer for circuit boards. Mattermark Growth Score: 152.
  • LSQ, is a platform for developing and deploying microservices. Mattermark Growth Score: 24.

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