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20 Popular Developer Tools Startups – Shovels & Pick-Axes for the Gold Miners of the Internet Age

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These companies are selling shovels and pick-axes to the gold miners of the Internet age: software developers. See which developer tools are gaining the most momentum right now, based on the top Mattermark Scores.

Ink Mobility – developer tools for enabling apps to communicate on mobile
Bootstraptor – Twitter Bootstrap templates for web developers
Macaw – web design tool capable of writing semantic HTML and succinct CSS
XingCloud – "1 click" localization of your website
FlauntResponsive – responsive design conversion tools
StatusPage.io – simple downtime communication tools
GrowthGiant – Continuous A/B testing tools (private beta not yet launched)
Spinnakr – tools for A/B testing content, display different messages to different users
Dakwak – deliver localized versions of your website to your visitors
KnackHQ – manage databases in the cloud, without backend code


Nitrous.IO – rapid development environment management and  code collaboration
Bitnami* – app store for server software running on Amazon, Azure and VMWare
Flywheel – WordPress hosting and management for designers
Pivotal – enterprise platform as a service (spin out from EMC and VMWare)
Salt Stack – systems and configuration management for DevOps organizations
HortonWorks – commercial vendor of Apache Hadoop, used for big data storage
Digital Ocean – cloud hosting service for developers
Fastly – next generation content delivery network (CDN)
Honeybadger – modern error management service for Rails
Mean.io – boilerplate for MongoDB, Node.js, Express and AngularJS applications

*Disclosure: Mattermark CEO Danielle Morrill has a personal angel investment in Bitnami.

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