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Introducing Self-Service Pricing + Contact Info Beta

I’m happy to share that we’ve rolled out self-service pricing plans, and Mattermark is now easier for sales and marketing teams to adopt than ever before.

Individual Plan

For just $200/month, sales professionals access a rich set of data to support better inbound lead qualification and more targeted outbound sales efforts. This plan is also great for startup founders researching their markets, competitors and investors.

Sign up for 14 days free (no credit card required) on the $200/month plan

Professional Plan

At the $500/month level, customers can export data to Excel files for more in-depth analysis and use Mattermark’s one-click “add company to Salesforce” functionality to enrich leads and add new targets to the CRM.

Sign up for 14 days free (no credit card required) on the $500/month plan

Contact Information Beta

Our customers have been asking for an easier way to get contact information for specific people within the organizations they’re targeting, and we’re so happy to release this capability in beta!  Now, instead of purchasing a suite of different tools to make lists, segment existing leads, enrich the CRM, and purchase contact information Mattermark offers an all-in-one solution. See all available plans and pricing.

Mattermark uber-contact-info self-service pricing


Beyond Self-Service Pricing for Large Deal Teams

At the enterprise level, we continue to offer the powerful team-wide tools that are our signature product line. Please get in touch with our sales team to explore these powerful product extensions:

What About Venture Capital Customers?

Mattermark began as a tool serving customers in venture capital, private equity and corporate development. The focus of our business has expanded to include dealmaking beyond startup investing, and we continue to proudly serve the startup investor market. Our new self-service pricing plans will also make Mattermark more accessible to angel investors and smaller VC funds.

Our self-service $500/month plan offers full feature parity with the existing $6K/year offering, but also offers access to contact information (in beta). Existing customers at the $6K/year plan level and above will have the opportunity to enable this functionality through the beta program, and if you have any questions about your account please get in touch with us at support@

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