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Sales Orgs and Star Trek, Mapping Customer Journeys, and More – Raise The Bar

How to Build A Better Spreadsheet For Fundraising

Fundraising can be a daunting feat to overcome. In fact, people fail far more than they succeed. Of the more than 6 million startups that launch in the U.S. annually, less than 1% receive funding from angel or VC investors, according to data from Fundable. Knowing this and wanting to avoid common pitfalls, Erin Wilson of hirepool and his co-founders asked several founders what’s been key to their fundraising success. One tactical piece of advice multiple sources shared was to compile a spreadsheet filled with high-quality potential investors.


Always Be Closing Sales

Hila Segal of Clari reviews a poll of sales reps, managers, VP-level execs, and sales ops leaders about common execution challenges slowing their teams down, in “Sales Organizations and Star Trek: Parallel Universes?

Dave Brock of Partners In Excellence wonders if we have it right when we think about the Sales Development Rep role, whom we hire, what we expect them to do, in “Rethinking the Role of the SDR


Expand Your Marketing Funnel

Lynn Perkins of UrbanSitter shares how UrbanSitter has approached trust-building through product marketing and how other companies can do the same to grow fast, in “This Is How You Get People to Trust Your Product

Tara-Nicholle Nelson, formerly of Trulia, outlines the top mistake companies make in content marketing and the process to mapping your customers’ journeys in order to create content that is actionable and impactful, in “The [Adjective] [Number] Things You Need to Know About Clickbait


Grow Up and To The Right

Guy Marion of Autopilot examines how Autopilot, in their first 18 months, went from 0 to 2,000 customers, signed up 24,500+ free trialists, and experienced 21% month-over-month revenue growth, in “Strategies Behind Autopilot’s Growth

Heather Marie of Shoppable chats with Nathan Latka about how minimizing expenses was important to building her $500K MRR business, in “The Top Entrepreneur, Ep. #726” (23 mins)

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