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Results from Our “Pay What You Want” Experiment for the Mattermark Startup Traction Report


Update (12/08/14): The report has launched and the pricing experiment is closed. 

You can still get the report for $99 here!


Over the weekend we used Gumroad to launch an experimental “pay what you want” campaign for pre-orders of the 2014 Startup Traction Report. Here’s what happened…

Many people worry that using the pay-what-you-want model will be problematic because people might not pay enough. We decided to take a risk, and despite asking only $1 minimum, the average purchase price has stabilized around $7 over the past 46 hours. We’ve now sold more than 800 pre-orders for a grand total of $5,840 and climbing!

Check out this analysis of the data we downloaded on hour-by-hour purchasing of the report.

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