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Relationships as a Sales Lever, Minimum Viable Analytics, and More – Raise The Bar

Relationships as a Business and Sales Lever: Q&A with Michael Africk

We recently caught up with Michael Africk, co-founder and CEO of Inmoji, to hear his experiences growing his sales funnel by connecting with people in his network and building strong customer relationships by being transparent with campaign data and performance. Here is Michael’s perspective.


Always Be Closing Sales

Joe Leach of Leverton details his learnings and best practices for international companies when expanding sales operations to U.S. markets in “Building an American Sales Team at an International Company

Nathan Berry of ConvertKit aims to convince early sales teams and founders to do things that don’t scale by documenting how he grew sales from $1,300 to $725,000 MRR, in “Direct Sales for Bootstrapped SaaS Startups


Expand Your Marketing Funnel

Glen Allsopp of Detailed highlights how a Sketch shortcuts site picked up links from 275 different websites in “One Possible Shortcut to Content Marketing Success

Andy Carvell of Phiture presents some guidelines to help teams figure out the minimum viable level of analytics needed to iterate on product and marketing objectives at different stages of growth in “Minimum Viable Analytics


Grow Up and To The Right

Emily Weiss of Glossier and Amy Buechler of Y Combinator discuss what Emily has learned from growing her business, in “Insights That Grew Glossier” (27 min. podcast)

Devesh Khanal of Grow & Convert shares the story of how Patrick Campbell built Price Intelligently and ProfitWell into million dollar businesses by having a clear goal of building a scalable company, having the discipline to stick to that goal when it would have been easier not to, and the courage to experiment with business models that aren’t always popular in “Scale Over Lifestyle

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