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Raise the Bar – Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

The Need for Speed and Other Tips on Building Teams for Transformation (read)

There’s no doubt about it — business transformations are tough. Sean Moriarty learned about transformations first-hand by leading Ticketmaster’s transition from an offline to online company in the mid-2000s, and over the past 18 months, leading Leaf Group from a long tail publishing business into a diversified internet company.

Here’s how to build a team that can help you transform a company

speedometer business

Always Be Closing

Nic Haralambous of Nic Harry expands on what a sales specialist at an establishing brand should do to be effective in “Selling vs Assisting

Julia Manoukian of Sales for Life surfaces current issues some sales executives have and how they will approach solving them in “Solutions to 5 of Today’s Typical Sales Problems


Expand Your Marketing

Brock Benefiel of Visible describes how segmentation can help improve marketing, sales, customer success, and product in “Customer Segmentation Brings Focus to Startups Ready to Scale

Paul Jarvis of CourseBook talks about what marketing is, because he believes a lot of folks wrongly assume they understand it in “You Don’t Hate Marketing, You Hate What You Think Marketing Is

Grow Up and To The Right

Ali Mese of Growth.Supply contemplates why some companies choose to hire and fire fast or focus on growth too soon, before understanding whether their product was working in the first place in “Growing Startups When the Product Sucks

Sujan Patel of WebProfits and Bryan Deeter of Bessemer Venture Partners discuss which metrics are most important now, and Byron shared where he sees the focus shifting in a few years in “SaaS Metrics and Measuring Growth

Mattermark is Hiring

We’re looking to hire a Content Marketer, Account Executive, and Customer Support Specialist, full-time, in San Francisco. Here are the job descriptions.

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