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Raise the Bar – Sales Capacity Planning Model, Building a Sexy Brand, and More

How Sales Teams Can Use Mattermark to Follow the Money

In modern sales, if your rep is assessing budget on a call, then they have already wasted some time. All this information (and more) can be found out a lot quicker through lead enrichment. Here’s how to get context with data.

Always Be Closing Sales

Rachel Vanier, formerly of Kima Ventures profiled ZenChef CEO Xavier Zeitoun on the sales tactics he used to grow his SaaS company in a vertical category across multiple geographies, in Vertical SaaS Sales done right — from 0 to 2500 customers.

Steve McKenzie of InsightSquared dissects the difference between quota-based and data-based sales planning models and how to use both to hit sales targets in Step by Step Capacity Planning Model for BDR and Sales Team.

Chris Orlob of Gong.io used AI to do a *very* deep dive into his sales reps’ conversations and found out what actually works in sales calls. If you’ve ever wondered when to bring up pricing or how much you should be speaking on a customer call, check out “5 insights revealed from analyzing 25,537 B2B sales conversations with AI“.

Mattermark’s Suggested Search of the Week

Based on Mattermark’s data-driven Growth Score, industry tags, location, and amount of funding, here are the fastest growing FinTech companies in the US.

Expand Your Marketing Funnel

Matt Hodges of Intercom details how product announcements contributed to Intercom’s 12x growth in signups over the last 3 years. But he warns marketers that “When everything you ship presents a marketing opportunity, there’s a tendency to announce everything. Don’t do it.
Kenneth Lin of Credit Karma was interviewed by the team at First Round Review on how he became a believer in brand and used it to win against their biggest competitor Geico. “Credit Karma’s CEO Built a Sexy Brand in an Unsexy Category with No PR Firm and a Tiny Budget — Here’s How

Grow Up and To The Right

Marko Savic of FunnelCake describes a detailed process for evaluating the health of a startup’s Sales and Marketing alignment that starts by ensuring that the data you are tracking is clean in “Everything you need to know about lead health

Joe Gelata of Axonify gave a talk on why every startup needs a Revenue Operations team, when to build it and how to get executive buy-in. “How to Make Revenue Part of Your Culture.” (video)

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