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Raise the Bar – Monday, January 9th, 2017

ICP + TAM = A Sales Qualified Lead Machine

In the modern world of Sales Development, high quality and high velocity Sales Qualified Leads reign supreme. Here are the four most important tactics to build a sales qualified lead (SQL) machine.

ideal customer profile and total addressable market equal sales qualified lead machine

Always Be Closing

Steve Frost of Technology Services Industry Association joins Helping Sells Radio to dissect how to sell more software by fostering a helpful approach and aligning sales, services and Customer Success in “Ep. 30: Increasing SaaS Sales

Craig Rosenberg of TOPO finds that a well-defined, step-by-step sales process is foundational for sales enablement content in “Content Enablement for Sales

Jarrick Cooper of Kuno Creative describes how to overcome the challenge of getting sales and marketing on the same page, syncing up to achieve common goals in “Sales Enablement vs. Sales and Marketing Alignment


Expand Your Marketing Funnel

Peter Mollins of KnowledgeTree outlines tactics to get marketers ready to take a sales-driven approach to marketing in “Sales Driven Marketing to Start the New Year

Joe Pulizzi of Content Marketing Institute and Robert Rose of This Old Marketing podcast discuss whether content marketing actually is what we think it is or not in “Is It Content Marketing or Sales Collateral?

Magda Urbaniak of Brand24 lists podcasts focused on social media, content marketing, PR, and other marketing topics in “20 Must-Listen Podcasts for Marketers


Grow Up and To The Right

Erik Devaney of Drift lays out the story behind MailChimp’s wild growth in “Monkey Business


Kwesi Sakyi-Gyinae of Sales on Brakes reminds sales leaders that things are changing all the time and a fixed mindset may hinder their success in “Why Every Startup Sales Leader Should Have a Growth Mindset

Joe Lazauskas of Contently believes content marketing is about a lot more than the content itself and details key principles to enable growth in “How Do I Scale My Content Marketing Program?

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