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Raise the Bar – The Magic of Lead Segmentation, Creative Developer Marketing, and More

Revenue Per Lead: What You Need to Know About The Magic of Lead Segmentation

Even if your team is closing deals, there’s a good chance you’re not making the most of every lead in the pipeline. Best case scenario, that means you’re kissing a lot of those precious leads goodbye, or not getting as much out of them as you could.

You need to dig deeper into your sales data to better optimize your reps’ time by re-routing leads. But how do you do that? By analyzing revenue per lead.


Always Be Closing Sales

David Skok of Matrix Partners describes how to identify and solve blockage points in your sales funnel using a case study on gathering customer data in “Improving Your Sales Funnel: Getting Customers to Register

Eric Friedman of Expa Labs provides an initial sales framework to help early stage companies launch their products in “Go-to-Market Sales Strategies for Early Stage Startups

Derek Draper of Pattern sat down with Jacco Van Der Kooij from Winning by Design, Mark Kosoglow from Outreach, and Max Altschuler from Sales Hacker to discuss the importance of building a sales process and the impact it can have on your business in “How to Build a Winning Sales Process

Mattermark’s Suggested Search of the Week

Based on Mattermark’s data-driven Growth Score, industry tags, location, and amount of funding, here are 42 AI Companies likely to raise funding soon.

Expand Your Marketing Funnel

Thierry Schellenbach of Stream explores how to market to developers in ways that add value and improve your brand in “Creative Developer Marketing

Annie McMindes of Sigstr unpacks the importance of employee advocacy for effective content marketing and other major themes from a new ebook authored by Jay Baer in “How Creating an Employee Advocate Can Boost Branding

Grow Up and To The Right

Anthony Kennada of Gainsight shares how he and the Gainsight team set out to shape the nascent customer success industry, while simultaneously elevating Gainsight to be the leading company in the category in “A Roadmap to Defining and Owning a New Industry Category” (podcast)

Kazsa Tamai of Tradecraft expands on how to monitor and measure your user growth as a part of your operating process and develop the right positioning of your product in “The Founder’s Guide to Startup Growth

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