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The Three Main Elements of Building a Repeatable Sales Process

The key to building any process is to break it down into its constituent parts. Each of these parts should be broken down into its “systematic series of actions,” then those actions should be broken down into their component actions. Continue breaking it apart and optimizing until you are at the elemental parts of the process.

Here we’ll go through the three main elements of your sales process, but this shouldn’t be where you stop. You need to continue on and on until you’ve optimized each and every step of your sales funnel.


Always Be Closing Sales

Ritika Puri of Yesware outlines three recommendations entrepreneurs and sales leaders can use to stay on track as they ramp up their sales presence in “What Startup Sales Teams Can Learn From Groupon’s Explosive Growth

Steve Crepeau of True Sales Results tells a painful story of how he dealt with closing the last (and by far the largest) deal that his team had left to close at fiscal year end in “How Do You Respond to a Sales Firestorm?


Expand Your Marketing Funnel

Brian Gladu of ActiveCampaign expands on the central idea is that by being ruthlessly selective with what you choose to pursue, you can be more productive, in “Essentialism for Marketers

Alex Birkett of ConversionXL dives into the nature of outliers in general, how to detect them, and then some popular methods for dealing with them in “How to Deal with Outliers in Your Data


Grow Up and To The Right

Nathan Latka of The Top Inbox interviews Joseph Walla, CEO and co-founder of a San Francisco based startup, HelloSign, to uncover how he raise $3.5M and grew to 47k customers in “The Top Entrepreneurs: Ep. #517” (podcast)

Drew Sanocki of Empire Growth Group runs through the importance of increasing the average order value, the frequency of purchase, and the total number of customers by 30% each in “7 Customer Retention Strategies That Will Boost Your Revenue By 220%

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