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Raise the Bar – A Dozen Lessons on Growth, Sales Alchemy, and more

The Startup Fundraising Dictionary

Andy Sparks and Josh Levy lay out detailed definitions of the players and basic fundraising terms, in order to make the startup and fundraising worlds accessible to everyone, in this part of The Open Guide to Startup Fundraising.


Always Be Closing Sales

Anthony Iannarino of Iannarino Fullen Group lists reasons why you should tell your dream client that you want to be the first person they call whenever they need anything in “Why Would Your Dream Client Think of You Now?

Steli Efti of Close lays out experiments to help you identify your advantages and leverage them into new opportunities in “Sales Alchemy


Expand Your Marketing Funnel

Tyler Tate of Crema shares a presentation by Chandini Ammineni, Distribution Partner at 500 Startups, who explains why startups should focus on qualitative methods, then shift into a process of rapid experimentation in “Chandini Ammineni on Before and After Product-Market Fit” (video)

Paul Jarvis reaffirms why you should consider first creating a strategy for your marketing before you start trying (or keep trying) random marketing tactics you read on industry blogs in “The Difference Between Tactics and Strategy in Marketing


Grow Up and To The Right

Tren Griffin of Microsoft expands on twelve insights from Chamath Palihapitiya, former VP, User Growth, Mobile and International at Facebook, and current Founder and CEO of Social Capital, on optimizing products to enable the business to grow in “A Dozen Lessons on Growth

Casey Winters of Greylock Partners outlines how he’s seen growth teams start and evolve, defines the ideal end state, and describes some of what you work on at each stage along the way in “Starting and Scaling Your Growth Team


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