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Removing Friction in the Mattermark Funnel: Manage Settings, Change Credit Card Info & Plans

Startups generally use their company blogs to talk about big new features, but over the past couple of months we’ve put emphasis on polishing the experience of Mattermark from the user interface to integrations, while reducing technical debt internally, building out important internal systems for both the engineering and sales teams, improving data quality with a broader range of sources and methodologies while closing out a wide range of bugs from the annoying to the critical.

Mattermark grew remarkably quickly over the past 18 months since we launched, and many decisions we made when we had fewer than one hundred users no longer make sense now that we serve thousands of people logging in to use our tools to help them get their work done every day.

Account Settings Page

Users can now edit their contact information, password, credit card and plan directly through the user interface, rather than by contacting support. Login and check out the account settings page


Update Credit Card Information

We’ve used Stripe to process payments from day one, but if you didn’t sign up with a credit card on day one or if you needed to change your card later we had to take your information by phone and manually update Stripe. Not anymore!


Looking back, it’s kind of amazing how successful we have been while still handling most of these administrative requests through support. I think the startup lesson learned here is that if you’re getting ready to launch and are spending a lot of time automating this part of your product, you might want to think twice and wait until you have a lot more users. Your time is precious, and it could probably be better spent on the thing that makes your product uniquely awesome and helps you reach product/market fit.

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