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Mattermark Updates That Make It Easier to Find Your Next Deal


Data is awesome. And when it’s the type of data focused on the fastest-growing companies, it provides investors with key information about business opportunities and sales teams with lists of prospects that are more likely to close.

But if there’s one thing we’ve learned here at Mattermark over the last few years, it’s that finding the right companies and information can sometimes feel a little overwhelming.

That’s why our latest Mattermark product updates are focused on reducing this burden and delivering on two primary benefits:

It’s (way) easier to find the right companies. In conducting a company search, filters are your friend. In our latest update, we’ve made the process of selecting and applying them way more intuitive by putting semantic search front and center and eliminating modals for fewer interruptions. Now you can quickly add all of your filters at once without needing to toggle back and forth.

Get company info faster. We have a plethora of company data inside of Mattermark, but it shouldn’t feel like that when you’re trying to get the info you need. By improving the responsiveness of our interface, we’ve made company search faster and more digestible. That means less time spent searching, more time closing deals.


While these are all exciting changes, what we are most excited about sharing is our mission to keep making these kinds of improvements to Mattermark. In the coming weeks and months, we’ll continue to enhance the product with the goal of simplifying your experience and streamlining everyday tasks to make the process of finding more of the right deals a frictionless experience.

Start searching for companies now!

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