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Mattermark Index: Techstars Chicago 2013 Companies [Demo Day Edition]


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We’ve ranked the current Techstars Chicago 2013 batch by Mattermark Score – which awards points to each company on a weekly basis for increasing their website traffic, mobile downloads, inbound links, Twitter followers, Facebook likes, and LinkedIn followers. Weekly scores are averaged over 90 days to arrive at the Mattermark score, to help account for spikes and drops related to PR (which can have a huge impact on growth rates in the early days of a company).

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585 Project Fixup – personalized online matchmaking/dating service
304 SocialCrunch – interest/behavior graph to be leveraged by brands for marketing
194 TradingView –  online community for investors and market researchers
39 SimpleRelevance – tools for sending personalized email content to optimize conversion
15 Pathful – automatically identifies conversion improvements for websites
11 Sqord – social health startup focused on kids
-68 Nexercise – mobile app motivating people to lose weight
-122 CaptureProof – secure photo and video sharing for medical professionals


Not Yet Scored

These companies are either too new or weren’t in our database prior to Demo Day. We will have scores available for them in the coming weeks.

FindIt – visual search for finding emails and files on your phone

WebCurfew – parental controls for when children can access home Internet

*We exclude companies who are “off the record” as well as a few who don’t appear to have launched previously. We will update this list if we learn about any additions to companies who presented at this Demo Day.

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