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Mattermark Daily – Wednesday, May 27th, 2015

From the Investors

Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers releases her annual report that analyzes global internet usage, mobile adoption, public internet company market caps, disruptive consumer and enterprise products, and much more in “Internet Trends 2015 – Code Conference” (slide presentation)


Tomasz Tunguz of Redpoint Ventures dives into the reasons tech acquisitions have trended towards cash vs. stock deals since 2000 in “Should You Take cash or Stock to Sell Your Startup?

Greg Beaufait of Dundee Venture Capital explains his opinion that $100-500m exits ‘provide better cash on cash returns than $1B+ exits’ for Micro VCs in “Micro VCs and Unicorn Hunting

Kyle Lacy of OpenView Venture Partners counters Christian Claussen of Ventech’s post with his own points supporting the idea of ‘VC value-add’ in “Value-Add VCs Are Not Bullsh*t – Here’s Why”

Bill Maris of Google Ventures outlines eight emerging technologies that he thinks could revolutionize the life sciences industry in “Medicine’s Transistor Moment

Kanyi Maqubela of Collaborative Fund provides founders with a ‘logarithmic growth equation’ to use when considering which features to implement in “Prioritizing Product Features

Jonathan Libov of Union Square Ventures describes why ‘SMS may just be the water that fills the gaps of communication and notification’ in “What SMS is Good For

From the Operators

Saku Panditharatne formerly of Oculus writes a ‘compressed genealogy of Silicon Valley’ in response to Brad Feld’s post arguing that Silicon Valley is a religion in “This is What Silicon Valley Actually Thinks

Aaron Levie of Box and Jerry Yang of Yahoo! discuss how one of Silicon Valley’s ‘greatest heroes’ has now become one of the most prolific enterprise investors in “Founder Call with Jerry Yang: Why the Consumer Internet Expert Invests in the Enterprise” (podcast)

Ozonetel Systems displays their business metrics and offers SaaS startups a Google Sheets template to calculate their own metrics (MRR growth, ARPU, LTV, Churn, CAC) in “Cloudagent SaaS Metrics-May 2015

Josh Miller formerly of Branch details the ‘constraints of VC’ for small businesses online and future funding options for mid-sized startups in “Main Street WWW

Jon Kolko of Blackboard shares his strategy to teach students ‘entrepreneurial hustle’ and some of the emotional and tactical barriers in the way of achieving their goals in “Learning Entrepreneurial Hustle

Joel Gascoigne of Buffer expands on his four reasons why a non-technical founder should not outsource their product development and what to do instead in “My Advice to Non-Technical Founders

From Mattermark

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