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Mattermark Daily – Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016

From the Investors

Paul Bennetts of AirTree VC analyzes Etsy’s first year as a public company in “Life in Full View: Etsy One Year on From IPO


Sam Altman of Y Combinator goes against the grain in regards to the current market for seed funding in “We Warned the YC Batch

Saku Panditharatne of Andreessen Horowitz gives her take on how to spot the next big trends in tech in “Hunting What’s Next in High Tech

Christoph Janz of Point Nine Capital publishes an updated financial plan template for SaaS startups in “SaaS Financial Plan 2.0

Mahesh Vellanki of Redpoint Ventures discusses the evolution of the global online classifieds industry and how it relates to the US in “Here’s Why Online Classifieds Are Fascinating

Dan Hynes of Atomico concludes that there’s no talent shortage, just a shortage of startups with a smart focus on hiring in “There’s No Tech Talent Shortage in Europe  – There’s a Smart Hiring Shortage

From the Operators

Josh Evans of Velocify outlines the quintessential parts of a winning strategy for sales in “The 6 MVPs of Sales Acceleration for Achieving Championship Status

Mariya Nurislamova of Scentbird breaks down her startup’s Y Combinator experience into a few key stages in “One Startup’s Journey Through Y Combinator

Brett Bivens of Visible lays out a framework for how to think about the importance of telling your company’s story in “The Storytelling Thesis

Joah Spearman of Localeur dives into the key ingredients all brands, marketers and startups should familiarize themselves with in telling their story going forward in “4 Universal Truths for Brands and Marketers

Jacob Tempchin of AR Cortex explores the promise of virtual reality to revolutionize education in “How Virtual Reality Will Democratize Learning

The New (New) Rules of Going Public (read more)

Everyone knows the IPO market is tough for startups at the moment. What’s interesting is just how much harder it has become.

Alex Wilhelm, Editor-in-Chief of Mattermark, investigates


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