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Mattermark Daily – Wednesday March 19th, 2014

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From The Investors

David Lee of SV Angel says the number of startups doing hard stuff has skyrocketed and its looking a lot more like old school Silicon Valley once again in “Back to the Future”

James Wise of Balderton Capital is making some moves and looking into the future of VC in “Will Data Eat VC? (or, Why We Hired a Data Scientist)”

Matt Turck of FirstMark Capital asks “Can Bloomberg Be Toppled?”

Mark Suster of Upfront Ventures says founders can stop being cheap asses, and should employees comfy (but don’t be extravagant either) in“When Does Establishing a Good Startup Culture Outweigh Being Cheap?”

Sam Altman of Y Combinator announces additions to the startup incubator’s investing team in “Two New YC Partners: Justin Kan and Aaron Harris” and released a new request for startups in “New RFS — Breakthrough Technologies”

Just when we thought VC bloggers couldn’t get much more excited about SaaS Josh Stein of DFJ is leading the battle cry for enterprise software startups in “Laying Seige to a $750 Billion Dollar Castle”

Mark Cuban is still not a fan of Silicon Valley’s high valuations and entitled attitudes in “The Back to the Future Arbitrage of Silicon Valley and What It Will Take to Beat It”

Sarah Guo of Greylock Partners discusses two infrastructure themes her firm is excited about in “Transforming Infrastructure”

Bilal Zuberi of Lux Capital assesses VC efforst to regroup and begin deploying capital again in a contentious space in “Some Thoughts on Energy/Cleantech VC”

From the Operators

Janel Torkington of AppsZoom is bullish on cards and simple anticipatory computing in “Small Data: Why Tinder-Like Apps are the Way of the Future”

Laura Klein of Users Know suggests you talk to users who abandoned your product after just one try in “Learning Why Users Leave: The Most Important User You’re Not Talking To”

Andy Dunn of Bonobos on why ecommerce is so hard in “E-Commerce is a Bear”

Startup lawyer Josh Cook on the importance of seeking more than just a check when fundraising in “Getting to Oz: Key Traits to Look For In Your Investors/Partners”

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